Third time victory for PM Modi: A mandate for continuity


By Dr R Neerunjun Gopee

For the third time consecutively, PM Modi has led his party BJP to victory in India’s general election that ended last weekend, with results being declared on Tuesday June 4 in the evening. It is only the second time ever that a sitting PM has won the general election in India, the previous candidate to achieve this being its first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1962.

A third mandate for BJP: ‘Indian democracy, despite being chaotic and noisy, functions effectively, despite the negative narratives and criticisms that are labelled against it by local naysayers and their acolytes in the global ecosystem that are not comfortable with the unstoppable rise of Bharat – with a projected GDP growth of 8.3% — ever since Modi assumed power ten years ago. And that is likely to continue as the NDA gets into gear.’ Pic – NDTV

Modi repeats at national level what he did in Gujarat in the state elections – there too winning three times as Chief Minister, acquiring a rich experience in governance and development which prepared him for assuming the wider responsibilities of leading the country, beginning in 2014.

An electoral win for the third time by a sitting PM is considered to be a historical feat, and rightly so! Modi 3.0 will lead Bharat again.

As usual, several media houses conducted exit polls on the eve of the results being declared, even including a ‘poll of polls’. All of them excitedly concluded to a ‘massive’ win for the outgoing BJP, almost approximating the ‘400 paar’ slogan that was the BJP’s war cry. But they forgot that slogans are just that: slogans – obviously meant to motivate cadres and set an ideal objective that may or may not in practice be attained: for that is abundantly clear from previous records. Read More… Become a Subscriber

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