Keeping the flame: MHA, UK


By Kishore Teelanah

Mauritians who first arrived in the UK encountered challenges, but their determination to succeed in their chosen fields prevailed. Many of the founder members of Mauritius Hindu Association (MHA) arrived in England in the late 1960s. Days off work or studies became opportunities to socialize, leading to the informal establishment of a men’s working club with around 15 people. As the group expanded, an association named Rajput Association UK was formed, governed by a committee of elected members, both men and women. This marked the beginning of one of the well-established and oldest Mauritian associations in the UK. Unfortunately, several founder members from the 1960s have passed away, leaving an enduring legacy.

In its early stages, the Association invited the entire families of its members to regular social and religious gatherings. By the early 1980s, the Association had over 300 family members, a number that continued to grow annually. In the mid-90s, a new generation of members joined, bringing with them ideas to increase membership. The name was changed from Rajput Association to Mauritius Hindu Association UK to include all Hindu Mauritians regardless of their backgrounds. In August 2007, the MHA was registered as a Charity with the Charity Commission.

Founded in 1976, the MHA aimed to serve and assist fellow Mauritians in promoting their culture. During that period, a considerable number of Mauritians who were settling in and around London took the initiative to provide services tailored to the needs of their fellow countrymen. This group has played a pivotal role in enriching Mauritian society through its active contributions in the realms of culture, religious celebrations, education, and the preservation of a cherished history. The aspiration is that the forthcoming generations will actively participate and perpetuate this engagement with their communities, thereby ensuring the continuity of these valuable traditions and practices.

The MHA traditionally commemorates Mauritius Independence Day in an elegant setting, often hosted at an upscale hotel, where participants adorn themselves in smart attire and relish a delightful spread of food and beverages. The atmosphere is infused with the rhythmic beats of sega and other music, occasionally featuring live performances by prominent artists. Distinguished guests, including Mauritian ambassadors, Sunrise Radio presenters, and occasionally notable politicians, are extended invitations to grace the event. On 12th March 2023, Sunil Mungur, the Chairman, seized the occasion to acknowledge accomplished Mauritians across various fields such as business, arts, and education. The ceremony included the presentation of prizes, honours, and certificates to deserving individuals.


Kishore Teelanah is a seasoned Science Lecturer with extensive experience primarily in Further and Higher education settings. His instructional expertise spans Biological and Chemical Sciences, and he has assumed managerial roles, including serving as the Head of Science in his recent positions. Beyond his dedication to the realms of Science and Industry, Kishore is passionate about contributing to literature on the Mauritian Diaspora.

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