A Complaint

By David West

Modern computers do anything except marry you!! But despite their apparent sophistication, vastly overdone, it may be remarked, they are also vastly stupid, or their designers are, especially.

Recently I sent a short email to a local shop, requesting a few items. After the name, the correct address included < @Intnet.mu >  But, I forgot to type the “I” (in lower case, of course), and so sent just “ntnet.mu”. The message was returned, with an abusive attachment, so I had to resend it, corrected!

You would think that Microsoft, with their array of pestiferous and useless imitators, could arrange to correct such a minor error automatically, or inform the sender, POLITELY, of the problem. Automatic correction, plus a note would be best.

Microsoft, like most of their pernicious brothers in kind, are just plain bleeding stupid. Hence, the proliferation of much needed computer repair shops! Luckily, I recently found a good new one, having dumped, and grossly insulted, another highly unreliable one I will not name here. However, it’s very near ELP, Vacoas!

In my personal view, probably to be disputed, or perhaps wrong, all one needs, at greatly reduced cost, is a simple PC able to write / send / receive letters by email, type / print normal documents, and PERHAPS “surf” the WEB for bum-brained individuals, who cannot use a Library. I use only the 2 first functions, and need no more.

* * *

Bum – Brained People; + Pirates

Pirates, and similar dangerous individuals, are highly pernicious, and should killed promptly, on sight. Trials are superfluous, totally.

To put a convicted murderer, or any similarly dangerous individual, into prison for his full life, or even as little as 5 years, costs vast sums of money to the taxpayer, is of zero social value, almost never “corrects the VICTIM” (???), and hence is a total waste of physical resources, money, and time. A big fat bullet in the head, performed immediately on reliable conviction, would be far cheaper, and most likely far more publicly effective. I do not care about any morality in these circumstances, provided the person is irrefutably found guilty of the crime charged against him (or her). I must be getting much more nasty in my old age!!

But there are also marine marauders, known as pirates, who, even in fairly small vessels, wreak havoc, kill, or effect capture of individuals who can be ransomed at high cost.

In my view, any and all legitimate seagoing, and registered, vessels should be heavily armed, and with trained users of such weaponry. Any approach by a suspect and unidentified vessel should be met, immediately, with heavy fire, and sunk. In addition, and just for really good riddance, any and all well known land-based dangerous organisations, such as found in parts of Somalia, should receive a medium nuclear bomb overhead. What other use are such devices? Such actions would have enormous deterrent effect, do you not think? – especially if widely and regularly practiced. Strong internation agreement would be very desirable.

As I indicated before, 7 billion people is already far too many for the Earth, and the scientific imbeciles are already talking of 9 billion, by 2020 or so, in relation to food, housing, health, and so on. Are they totally nuts? And what then happens later?

* Published in print edition on 2 March 2012

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