Discourse on Parliamentary Madness

Socratic Dialogue

In the tranquil haven of a serene garden, Socrates and Cephalus engage in a dialogue that mirrors the chaos unfolding within the chambers of their beloved Parliament. As Socrates lounges comfortably beneath the protective embrace of a shady tree, Cephalus approaches with a troubled countenance, bearing the weight of recent events that have plunged their once noble assembly into turmoil.

The characters: Socrates, a classical Greek philosopher credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy and made famous for his role in Plato’s dialogues, where he engages in discussions with various interlocutors to explore philosophical concepts, and Cephalus, a character who appears in Plato’s dialogue “Republic” and who is an elderly man and a wealthy merchant, known for his piety and integrity.

Cephalus: Socrates, my friend, I come to you burdened by the weight of recent events in our beloved Parliament. It seems that chaos reigns supreme, and I cannot help but wonder if our once noble assembly has descended into madness.

Socrates: Ah, Cephalus, your distress is palpable. Pray, enlighten me on the happenings within the hallowed halls of our Parliament. What calamities have befallen our esteemed lawmakers? Read More… Become a Subscriber

Mauritius Times ePaper Friday 24 May 2024

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