Mirror mirror, is that me?

By Dr Poubani Cudian

Dr Poubani Cudian is currently a lecturer in physiology at the SSR Medical College, Belle Rive, where she graduated MBBS Honours after completing her medical studies in 2017. She has been a brilliant student throughout her primary school and secondary school years, obtaining. As in all subjects up to HSC level. She was awarded the National State Scholarship, Laureate rank 7th Science Side (Batch 2012).

Besides her academic career, she also found time to participate in extracurricular activities, obtaining second place in Ramakrishna Mission Elocution competition, Third place in the National Tamil Drama Competition and Best Delegation for Model United Nations 2011. Further, she is a polyglot, including amongst her languages Creole, English, French, German and Hindi.

She has now extended her talents to aauthor her first book, ‘Mirror mirror, is that me?’ It is about 17-year-old Lisa, who is in utter denial about her illness until she is forced by her parents to consult a psychologist. The latter makes revelations that gives a blow to Lisa and her parents with his diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa. The book is about Lisa’s life, her struggle to overcome her mental illness, and the significant role of her psychologist in daily therapy sessions to help her overcome her daily battles: her disease, adolescence, fierce school competition as well as her inability to make friends.

The unflinching support of Lisa’s parents makes her learn to show gratitude towards them.

But when she is unable to get over her constant fixation for food and succumbs to her illness, Lisa lands up at the mental hospital. There, she is shattered by the thought of having to spend days amongst crazy people. However, she meets new characters who are battling their own mental illnesses. This creates a new feeling in her, compassion, which gradually changes her way of thinking and attitude towards life.

The book also gives an insight into depression, as some people whom Lisa encounters at the hospital suffer from this gnawing disease. She discovers how important it is to reach out to others before one is consumed by one’s own disease. The book is Lisa’s narration of her life and the discovery of herself. One day, after being discharged from the mental hospital, she decides to start writing her book. ‘Mirror mirror, is that me?’ is an account of her struggle as an adolescent, of her parents and psychologist coming to her rescue, and the lessons she drew from this dark episode in her life.

The book is also available in French version – ‘Miroir miroir, est-ce bien moi?’

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