Fintech: Emtel’s blink Voted Top Choice by Users

Digital economy

Blink, the mobile payment application that enables users to make instant mobile payments regardless of their bank account and mobile network, continues to strengthen its strategic position in Mauritius. The application secured the first place in the Fintech category at the People’s Choice Awards 2023 through popular vote.

Jackie Demetriou, CEO of MBN, organizer of the People’s Choice Award, and Caleb J. Samy, Product Manager FinTech at Emtel (R)

Launched in May 2022, the blink application quickly found its place among Mauritian users with over 50,000 downloads to date, demonstrating the growing appeal of the public for digital payment solutions. As a driving force in the Fintech world, Emtel has once again revolutionized the telecommunications sector with its user-friendly interface that provides a seamless and secure user experience. In the blink of an eye, users can pay their bills, make bank transfers, or even pay their merchants without any fees from their mobile devices.

Commenting on this key milestone in transforming Mauritius into a ‘digital economy,’ Kresh Goomany, Chief Executive Officer of Emtel, stated, “Blink’s recognition in the Fintech category through popular vote demonstrates that we have succeeded in changing how individuals and small and medium-sized businesses conduct their transactions. As a staunch advocate of financial inclusion, we have paved the way for a new era of financial services to enable all our customers to manage their finances more easily and securely.”

Emtel celebrated the first anniversary of the blink application last year through its blinkredible campaign, giving users the chance to win cash prizes totalling Rs 2 million, as well as 178 daily, weekly, and monthly gift vouchers. Following its victory at the People’s Choice Awards 2023, Emtel organized a ‘Blink & Win’ draw to thank the loyal customers of the application.

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