Emtel and Eutelsat Group join forces to build first ground station in the Indian Ocean


Emtel Ltd has partnered with Eutelsat Group, a specialist in low Earth orbit satellite constellations, to construct the first ground station in Mauritius. This partnership, benefiting both customers and businesses, aims to extend coverage of Eutelsat Group’s low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation along the east coast of the African continent, Madagascar, and other island nations, including much of the Indian Ocean.

The Eutelsat Group’s ground station in Mauritius will be connected by geographically diverse submarine cables, adding resilience to the network while making the ground station the largest consumer of international bandwidth in the country.

By enabling LEO satellites to provide high-speed, low-latency connectivity within a radius of 3,500 km around Mauritius, Eutelsat Group’s ground station will help bridge the digital divide in Africa and the outer islands of Mauritius, while also improving connectivity for aircraft and ships crossing the Indian Ocean.

Kresh Goomany, Chief Executive Officer of Emtel, stated, “The Eutelsat Group’s gateway represents a monumental opportunity to unlock limitless potential for the digital future of Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region. Today, I am thrilled to announce our unwavering commitment to transforming Mauritius into a thriving connectivity hub by collaborating and providing services to the largest satellite ground station in the Indian Ocean, which is a giant leap towards a more inclusive and connected world.”

The availability of high-speed connectivity in the region will enhance air and maritime safety, support efforts against illegal fishing and piracy, enable emergency telemedicine for passengers and crews aboard aircraft and vessels, and contribute to improving passenger experience and crew well-being.

Through this partnership, coast guards and naval fleets operating in Mauritian waters and beyond will now have access to high-speed, low-latency connectivity, improving communications, coordination, and situational awareness, subsequently allowing maritime operations, including fishing patrols and rescue operations, to be faster and more efficient.

Massimiliano Ladovaz, Chief Operations Officer of Eutelsat Group (a global leader in satellite communications, providing connectivity and broadcasting services worldwide), said, “We are delighted to collaborate with Emtel, marking another important milestone in enhancing connectivity services worldwide, particularly to the eastern part of the African continent and many island nations. Connectivity is absolutely essential for enhancing safety on land, at sea, and in the air. This expanded service not only reinforces our commitment to bridging the digital divide but also extends connectivity to the most remote and hard-to-reach regions in the world.”

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eSIM Voyaz by Emtel: Stay Connected, Limitless, and Affordable!


Emtel, one of the leading telecommunications network operators in Mauritius, recently launched its eSIM Voyaz by Emtel service, which will allow Mauritian travellers to access mobile data plans in over 150 countries worldwide at highly competitive prices compared to roaming services. With the eSIM Go-powered solution by Breeze, there’s no need to juggle multiple SIM cards or worry about astronomical bills upon return. Thanks to the simple and convenient eSIM technology, switching between local plans based on the destination is now possible.

The new service – eSIM Voyaz by Emtel, powered by Breeze – offers a range of plans (1GB, 3GB, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB – depending on the destination) accessible in over 150 countries, with most benefiting from multi-network coverage and access to 5G.

“Emtel has always been at the forefront of technology and innovative services for its customers. We understand the need to stay connected with loved ones when abroad, as well as the impact of high data roaming fees, not to mention the challenge of obtaining a local SIM card upon arrival in the visited country. Hence, the launch of this eSIM Voyaz product, available even before departure abroad,” emphasized Kresh Goomany, Chief Executive Officer of Emtel.

Mitch Fordham, Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder of eSIM Go, expressed his delight in supporting Emtel in its mission to simplify connectivity abroad for all travellers by providing the necessary technology through the ‘Powered by Breeze’ solution. Thus, we continue Emtel’s tradition of technological innovation by solving cost-related issues for mobile roaming operators and their subscribers, especially in Mauritius.”

Kresh Goomany added that “eSIM Voyaz makes staying connected easy and flexible while ensuring peace of mind. No more worries about high data roaming bills. And the best part is, you keep your existing WhatsApp number even abroad.”

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