Conquer the hearts and minds of justice and peace lovers

 Letter to Uncle Sam

Dear Uncle

By Tex

In politics, at least those in the business keep saying it, time is of essence and that timing is important. To give weight to this, they quote Her Majesty’s late Prime Minister who once said “a week is a long time in politics”.

This week, Uncle, because time is of essence, I sincerely submit that the US and the international community, including the UN Security Council, should now stand united and work hard to achieving long-term peace and stability in the Arab world and around the globe. Depriving the “goundaas” of an argument for trading violence, hate and religious fundamentalism is fundamental. The peace project has to do with justice. And it’s high time we do justice to the Palestine people. They deserve a State of their own as a matter of right and justice. And this, Uncle, is not negotiable. In Creole, our folks here would say – “ine l’heure pou arrête raconte zistoire”.

All reasonable men concur. The realisation of the Palestinians life’s dream cannot wait indefinitely. It’s late; but it’s never too late to do good. The appalling truth is that the international community, the US in particular, has been sitting on the fence for too long as the world watches in utmost disbelief the immense injustice that continues to be done to the Palestinians for more than half a century. Tel Aviv and its cronies in the US and around the world cannot be allowed to inflict pain and misery and despair upon a whole population. The timing for change is now; and this coincides with events in the Arab world where, from inside, a vast movement for change is under way.

After Tunisia, the Arab world has seen its people standing up and protesting for values enshrined as sacred in the books governing international politics, diplomacy and law. That is, the right to choose freely their own governments; the right to freedom of association, of speech and to food and jobs. And that the money derived from national resources be put to productive use and for improving their lives.

Most of the Arab world today is engulfed in political and social instability. In Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere, the same scene is being witnessed — street protests.

Understandably, the international community, with the US en tête, reacted as any one expected. Arbitrary use of arms to quell down peaceful protests was seen as most unacceptable. In short, that Main Street is allowed to demonstrate peacefully; that their fair demands for change are met.

In Tunisia and Egypt, both presidents were wise enough to quit after having unsuccessfully tried to prolong their stay in power. Elsewhere, heavy military power rolled down across towns and streets. Libya sent its tanks, jet fighters and heavily armed commandos or mercenaries at work; launching “unsurgical” bloody operations. The international community found this unfair, unjust, inhumane and against all human rights credentials.

The reaction was swift. UN resolution No. 1973 was relatively quickly approved. This lawful “droit d’ingérence” allowed a broad international coalition to intervene in Libyan domestic issues. Protecting civilians-cum-protesters; establishing a no-fly zone and depriving the regime of its fire power arsenal — all three are pursued using force. And as yet nobody knows when and how all this will end.

Uncle, the time is ripe; and this is the right time for your country to show to the world and to the Arab world that it is committed to world peace and stability; more so to give justice the same weight and meaning that it enjoys in all other circumstances. And despite all what the Reps and far right and tea parties think, believe me or not Uncle, the US is just one step away to definitely conquer the hearts and minds of justice and peace lovers. And this relates to the establishment of a Palestinian State. But am sure the domestic political situation in the US, nearly 18 months away from November 2012, is a real handicap for you to kick-start any strong serious viable process for peace. You can start laying the foundation process now. Uncle, I am sorry but no argument on Earth; and no reason could justify the continued deprivation of the Palestinian people of their legitimate rights.

To put it bluntly, Tel Aviv and all of their supporters are not only on the wrong side of History but all their main arguments for postponing lasting peace among Palestinians and Jews cohabiting in two separate independent states sit on flimsy and fragile foundations. The only argument rehearsed since decades relates to the security of Israel. And it is anything except serious. Since when on Earth an “army” of stone throwers and AK 47 holders have been able to overthrow a monarch guarded by the best and most sophisticated tanks, by the best jet fighters and pilots available on Earth, by the best intelligence gathering pundits, by the best “undeclared” and “unaccounted” stocks of arms and ammunitions; and then guarded as it is by the best and most powerful military force on Earth.

Japan, South Korea, late West Germany during the cold war, and Europe, to name a few, are and have all been under the protection of the US and none has been under any security lapse. And all are members of the first world; in terms of firepower and economic power. It will be mad diplomacy to come and say that an independent Palestinian state would endanger the peace and security of Israel. The US or UN can undertake to guarantee that this won’t be so.

Uncle, my final submission relates to the same issue but as viewed from here. The narrative is shameful. And nothing better could be expected from those involved in the business of dirty politics. The Palestine issue, Uncle, is raised in social and political gatherings in specific regions. And comments are tailored to whip emotions among folks here in the right political direction.

Uncle, for all times, I stood firm in my belief that the Palestine problem was a human issue involving human beings made up of flesh and blood. And they are being denied what makes man a man – human dignity.

* Published in print edition on 25 March 2011

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