Things of Beauty

Poetry – Ramdeep K. ROMANN

Things of Beauty

Of Twilit Skies

Starry skies strewn with fleeting comets,

Lo the star spangled veil of velvet,

Encrusted gems that gods had set,

Silent sentinels of heavens beyond,

Inspiring one and all, old and young.

Of the Lonesome Star

Lonesome star, what vistas doth thou behold,

What legends doth thou know as yet untold,

What knowledge stirs thy soul to set thee aglow,

Couldn’t God grant thee speech so Mankind might know?

Of Clouds

They float high in the atmosphere’s thin air,

Meandering ceaselessly in their heavenly lair,

On their eternal journey they peacefully fare,

Endlessly basking in the sun’s terrible glare.

Of Mountains

Those granite behemoths of sullen grey,

Dappled with copses of such verdant green,

Daunting at night, in their own terrible way,

Ablaze in the day, with a blinding sheen.

Of Rapids

Through dale and ravine the rapids roar,

Breaching hull and shattering oar,

Through cleft and hollow, twist and turn,

Through crevice and crack the waters churn.

Of the Ocean

Upon hell’s roof the behemoth lies,

From tide to tide the heaving beast sighs,

Across trench and peak it hefts its weight,

The roiling beast rages and wails,

Mourning souls it stole through gust and gale.

Of Glaciers

On they float those bastions of ice,

Forlorn in nostalgic reminiscence,

Of times when they were no mere slice

Of icy Titan struck by senescence.

Of Dreams

Of what ethereal fabric art thou made,

That upon heart and soul thy shadow lies.

Into the deepest darkness they do fade,

At the tender caress of the morning’s rays.

* Published in print edition on 23 November 2012

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