Deprived of sunshine,

Neither had I crossed the borderline

Nor had I made

A haven mine.

Blank papers are my friends,

My guide are the quill pens,

My table makes me race,

To find solace

In all my writings.

Without these papers,

Spreads vainness.

Loneliness forces

Me and the crazy horse

Of my mind rushes.

Appearing like a sceptre,

Loneliness is the spectre

Leaving me dejected,

Sometimes neglected.

Oram, I cursed?
Not a single entity
But only materiality.
There resides silence
And whisper the memories.
On the paper,
Droplets of rain
Drip to give condolence
For this quietness.
In the mirror

Appears no one

But my own reflection

Mocking me with rejection

And much abhor.

The wind lashes out
To send me out.
But here am I a prisoner
Waiting for my rescuer

Restrained spaces
are my barriers
Vicious are the glares
Evil are the intentions
Yet have some hope.

From these hindrances

Will I slope or elope??

* * *

The Course of Love

The arrow of Cupid

Pierces the heart,

Renders it humid,

With strong sentiment.

Not merely a simple word

But sets apart a world

Is the magic of love.

In the ocean of dove,

Involuntarily the partners dive.

Without it’s waves

It is

Impossible to live.

His heart sensed

Her knock

Yet it hesitated

To talk.

There is a block

In my mind

Where emotions cannot crack

In her breath

Remains his fragrance

His true wealth

Is her eye’s radiance.

Her innocence

Is his only truth.

His presence

Provides warmth.

Her constant sigh

Is an evidence

Of him being alive.

Don’t be heartbroken

If one vow

Is yet to be taken

Assume we are soulmates

As from now.

* * *

The letter

The letter

Reveals the secret

Of the mind and the hand.

The receiver

Unwraps it with zest

And enters a dreamland.

From the letter

Comes out

Bubbles heart

That burst on the lover

Leaving an exquisite scent.

It connects the soul

To console

Both distorted in separation

Oh, dear letter,

You’re a uniter!

The letter

Is an invitation

And representation

Of two individuals.

Allowing to join hands

It merges enterprises.

It is the key

To profit,

Locked money,

For more credit.

The letter
Binds the companions
With an everlasting string.
Heralding the beginning of spring
It dispels hopelessness
With a beam of light
Bringing a little delight
Obliging to forget any fight
Between her and her kinsman.
And brings relief
At night.
Even though humans are changeable
You’re irreplaceable
And adorable.
Oh dear letter! You’re an informator!

Shiksha Nundlall

Mauritius Times ePaper Friday 23 September 2022

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