Does it benefit every elderly person who has a free bus pass?

The previous government made provisions for everyone over the age of 60 to get a free bus pass. There was much jubilation but as time went on the truth finally dawned.

How about the blind, or those who can’t walk: do they benefit from it? They have to pay taxis to go to hospitals.

Many people have mentioned on the radio that the government should add to their pension the money that is being forked out to bus companies. The government has to bear that in mind that a good number of pensioners manage to survive thanks only to their old-aged pension. True old-aged pension got an increase this year, but I am talking about those who can’t travel on buses. There are thousands of them in our country.

I hope something will be done about this sad state of affairs in the next budget. Not everyone is well off to have a motorcar to ferry them around.


* Published in print edition on 15 May  2015

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