Maha Shivaratri – The Auspicious Night of Lord Shiva


By Sowmya ND

Sahasrara Sahasradi Samvatsara poorvam
Naragyana Uttaranaya Samarpitam
Adiyoginadhyam Saptarishibhyoo Bhutitam
Adisreshttam Idam Vishalam Vigyanam
Adi Yoginam… Pranamamyaham…

In reverence to Adiyogi, the primordial source of Yoga, I offer my humble salutations. Adiyogi stands as the foundational essence of Yoga, transcending the mere physical aspects of postures and breath control. Adiyogi is the key to liberating us from the perpetual cycle of life, a cycle entwined with the phenomena of birth and death.

 Who is Adiyogi?

Adiyogi represents the fundamental bedrock of what we now recognize as yogic science. Yoga, in its truest form, is not confined to physical exercises or breath manipulation; it is a profound science and technology that unravels the essential nature of life and its limitless possibilities. Lord Shiva, the AdiYogi, symbolizes the vast nothingness from which everything emanates and eventually returns. In the cosmic realm, Shiva is synonymous with “that which is not.”

Lord Shiva’s Enigma

Within the Holy Trinity, Lord Shiva plays a crucial role. While Lord Brahma assumes the mantle of Creator and Lord Vishnu, the Preserver, Lord Shiva embodies the essence of oblivion. Creation and sustenance exist within the folds of oblivion. Lord Shiva is the empty space in creation, an expansive and limitless void where creation manifests and dissolves. Mahadev, the Great God, is aptly titled the destroyer, signifying the dissolution inherent in the lap of nothingness.

Significance of Maha Shivratri

Maha Shivratri holds diverse cultural and spiritual significance. Legend has it that on this day, Lord Shiva united with Goddess Parvati for the second time, marking the Night of Lord Shiva. Another belief surrounds the cosmic dance of destruction, the Shiv Tandav, performed by Mahadev upon hearing the news of Maa Sati’s immolation. The day also commemorates the event when Lord Shiva consumed the potent Poison during the churning of the cosmic ocean.

Beyond the legends, Maha Shivratri is a profound occasion to recognize the equilibrium of feminine and masculine energies within our bodies. From a scientific perspective, this night is conducive to balancing the Vata component in our bodies. The practice of meditation and yoga during Shivratri, while abstaining from sleep, facilitates the free movement of Vata throughout the body, enhancing alertness and well-being.

Observing fasting during Shivratri aids in detoxifying the body, providing mental clarity, and reducing restlessness. A stress-free, relaxed mind, living in the present, becomes more productive and capable of making well-timed decisions. May this Maha Shivaratri be a celebration of the divine union, a night of spiritual awakening, and a journey towards inner transformation.

Wishing you all a blissful Maha Shivaratri.

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