Chit Dukhira’s ‘Indians in India, Mauritius & South Africa’ listed in the SOAS Library

Indian Diaspora

Chit Dukhira’s last book on the Indian Diaspora – ‘Indians in India, Mauritius & South Africa’ has been listed in the SOAS Library of the University of London. SOAS is the School of Oriental and African Studies. Another volume was entered at Erasmus University in the Netherlands. In a congratulatory note, academics of the University note that “scholars will gradually start using and citing Chit Dukhira’s book, so the voluminous research that he did will survive long after we are gone ourselves”.

After his numerous works and articles on Public Administration, mostly in relation with local government, Chit Dukhira rounded off his large-formatted, 600-page encyclopaedic ‘Indians In India, Mauritius And South Africa’ (2011), after three years of, in the author’s own words, “extensive, but passionate, research and interviews”.

The book contains a Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, several chapters devoted to India, Mauritius and South Africa, the Indian Diaspora today and appendices with further material on India, Mauritius, South Africa, as well as on Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Reunion, the Seychelles, Trinidad/Tobago and Oman. A bibliography, a glossary, an index, marginal and footnotes, maps and tables are inserted. The supplementary booklet to this main work is on ‘Rediscovering Ballia’, an Indian district in Uttar Pradesh (UP), from where hail the author’s paternal ancestors.

* Published in print edition on 22 November 2019

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