Pain: Rolling Downhill


When Algea’s stranglehold suffocates,
And the Dragon’s forked tongue lashes out,
In the dark shadows of Tenebrae’s realm;
When every effort of an-Algea has failed
To soothe the thousand pulsating wounds
Of this terrible existence called Life,
Dissipating all joy and happiness,
Then what do Man do, oh Gods!
When a thousand prayers are ignored,
When any plea for respite goes unheeded;
And Erebus from inside mother’s womb
Banishes all hope from Eos day-break;
And Hemera’s life-giving light vanishes
From Zeus immense universe,
Then what is left for Man?

From Pantheon to simple Humanity,
Eos and Tithonus for an eternal life meet.
But little does poor He suspect of the agonies
To follow in Life’s eternal continuum
That is meant only for Gods and Goddesses!
Old creaky bones, arthritic joints,
Leaky urethras, terrible Indignities!

The piercing, razor sharp pain
Pushes me downhill to roll in searing agony–
Shrieking, laughing, crying, cursing, blessing!
But to share it with anyone would be cruel, alas!
Yet I have spoken to Hemera’s day,
I have reasoned with the dark Erebus;
And have heard their counsel loud and clear:
Pain, like Death, is to be savoured alone.

Thus sat alone at the festal table of Life.
I am obliged to gorge myself stupid.
With pain, I have to stuff my belly
Till no more is no more,
And my soul explodes with consumption.
Help, Ye bloody Gods!

TD Fuego


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