Loraz  & Mauritius: Beauty is all you are!


 Ene ku nek Loraz

Eclate avec laraz

Mo dir li

Eta, ki pe arrive toi

Tane ki li dir moi –

Nou le faire zot peur!

Enbon? ena nou astere?

Kouma sa?

To pa kone les elements?

Tarre, ti boute francais tout!

Fer grandnoir are nou.

Parski zot faire fezere

Avec la Nature

Zot kwar zot apart

Pa accepter ki nou tou ensemble

Dife l’air lespace dilo laterre

Loraz zeclair nuage leciel

Nou tou ene sel

Be zot ousi ladans

Ensam nou appelle Nature

Me zone blier

Et nek exploiter

Aller aller meme

Be ziska kan nou pou capav tini

Acoz zot

Climat pe sanzer

Planete la pe sursoffer

Parski zot pe laguerre, pe tarder

Pou rectifier

Kyoto, Paris…

Zot na pa fini

Kaser ranzer

Be kisisa?


Nou Planet Gaïa

Nou Mama ki nourri le monde entier

Pe souffer

Pe detruire

Trop chagrin pou guetter

Pa capav croize lebras

Pafer narien

Acoz samem

Nou pou manze are zot

Tou lezour

Ti mama ici ti mama laba

Leciel pou vine noir

Mo pou gronder

Zeclair pou foudroyer

Lapli pou deverser

Nou pou continuer

Marier piquer

Pou donne zot ene leçon

Silefo ziska la fin du temps

Parski zot na pas le comprend

Nek laguerre touyer devaster

Droguer harceler violer

Tibaba zenfan

Tifi fam

Garson zom

Dans zot cafe

Na penan triaz

Tout broyer

Ti donne zot tou

Kan ine fer lavie emerzer

Fer zot evoluer

Grandi vine zoli

Donne abondance

Pou partazer

Et apprane vive en paix

Be zot napa ouler

Konpran narien

Ki mo pou dir toi


Tanne tander

Guette guetter

Ene lot foi nou kozer

Ce n’est qu’un Au Revoir!

RN Gopee


* * *

 Mauritius: Beauty is all you are!


Lost amidst the Indian Ocean

Lies a little piece of heaven

A haven and a melting pot

Of culture and traditions

Under the Azure blue skies

And the shining sun

Mauritius, a Gem

Harbouring the most beautiful secrets of the world

The people living in a harmonious accord

Sharing and caring for their neighbours

Without giving thought about the race, colour or creed

But that’s not it

Scenic landscapes adorned

By mother nature’s most cherished flora

Home to a plethora of endemic fauna

The tropical breeze and warmth

Make the island the paradise it is

Mauritius, no word is apt enough to describe your magnificence

Your splendour

Your nobility

Blessed is the soul born on your soil

Mauritius, O Motherland

Beauty is all you are!

V. Prithipaul


* Published in print edition on 2 March 2018

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