Why The People Are Mad?

I hasten to send you a quote from an article written in the International Express by Frederick Forsyth, author ‘Day of the Jackal’ fame, in the wake of Brexit. A Leaver he recounts why working-class people, particularly of North England, voted massively for Brexit.

A straight talker Mr Forsyth does not mince his words in his description of the greed of the establishment and the contempt with which it looks down on the ordinary citizen. Curiously I found in his narrative a certain resonance with the state of affairs in our own country. I am sure the reader as well as our own Establishment will find plenty to reflect upon. 

“What we have seen is actually an insurrection. Not with weapons, not with rioting but the British way – with votes. But do not be deceived by the gentleness – the people rose in revolt…

But even peasants have to be provoked, so why did we do it? It is quite simple. Every country worth that name has a government, hopefully an elected one. Round it is grouped a range of large and powerful interests-some taxpayer funded, some private sector. All together, these form the establishment and every country has one. Numerically probably no more than five percent but they effectively run the country: parliament, civil service, quangos, commerce, industry, banking, finance.

In a contented country the establishment treats the demos with respect and is rewarded by the people’s trust. I do not look back through rose-tinted glasses but it used to be like that. It is no longer.

For years it has been a cause of sadness in me to watch the establishment become degenerate with self-adoration and a contempt for the demos, for us, the broad masses of the people.

You see it everywhere. In the huge self-awarded salaries, bonuses and monstrous pension pots of the City (of London) slickers; in the naked bias of the BBC (a viewer-funded broadcaster like the MBC) news and current affairs division; in the walls of obstruction that prevent any client actually reaching anyone in authority; in the bored dismissal of the concerns of ordinary folks.”

A bon entendeur salut!

* Published in print edition on 15 July 2016

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