May Day Resolutions

Mauritius Times – 60 Years

Mauritius Labour Party

This meeting of planters, labourers, artisans, clerks, unemployed and other sympathisers with the Labour Party, assembled in Port Louis from all parts of the Island on the occasion of the Labour Festival of the 1st of May, resolves as follows:

  1. This meeting expresses its loyalty and pledges its attachment to the throne and the person of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
  2. This meeting reaffirms its faith in the British Commonwealth of Nations as an instrument for the promotion of the well-being and happiness of the various peoples forming part of the British Commonwealth and Empire.
  3. This meeting sends its fraternal greetings to the British Labour Party, the Trade Union Congress of the United Kingdom, the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) and the workers throughout the world and especially to workers of other Colonial Territories and declares its solidarity with Labour movements throughout the world.
  4. This meeting expresses its conviction that political self-expression for the people of this country cannot be secured otherwise than through universal adult suffrage and Responsible Government.
  5. This meeting records its satisfaction at the Report of the Mauritius Electoral Boundaries Commission and expresses its conviction that the conclusions of the Commissioners will give justice and fair play to all the sons of Mauritius.

This meeting further expresses its satisfaction at the wise statesmanship of the Secretary of State and welcomes his decision adopting the Report of the Commissioners.

  1. This meeting most heartily endorses the principle of the mutual respect and understanding of the language, religion and culture of the various elements which make up the Mauritian community.
  2. This meeting calls for the rapid implementation of a Scheme of National Health Insurance and for the payment of Sickness and Unemployment benefits and Family Allowance.
  3. This meeting condemns the system of nominated members to Local Government bodies.
  4. This meeting resolves that Rodrigues should be represented in the Legislative Council by an elected member.
  5. This meeting resolves that Government should at the earliest opportunity appoint a Britisher versed in Trade Unionism, to occupy the office of the Labour Commissioner who is retiring shortly.
  6. This meeting calls upon Government to adopt a comprehensive Housing Policy to secure a decent home for every family and urges the immediate setting up of a Building Organisation to implement such a policy.

5th Year – No 196
Friday 9th May, 1958

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