All this was democratic, they say!

If we want a Republic of Mauritius instead of a Republic of a single political party or family or monopolised gambling, then we can trust the people to make the right choice

By R. Laxman

“The coverage of all political activities of the outgoing government is being done on a regular basis without any respect for the principles of impartiality and objectivity as provided in the Mauritius Broadcasting Act. The MBC acted in a most illegal manner by broadcasting the bank accounts of a leader of a party knowing full well it was illegal to do so and in total breach of the law. If this is not openly campaigning for the outgoing government, what is?”

“The Lam Sham Leen drug commission report that pinpointed many members of the caretaker government is lying dormant in the corridors of power. One lawyer who was pinpointed is at the forefront of the electoral campaign of the caretaker government. A former vice-Prime Minister who made serious racial remarks against a community is being promised high responsibilities notwithstanding the fact that he still has a case in court. All this is democratic, they say!”


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* Published in print edition on 31 October 2019

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