Victoria Bus Terminal: Chaotic handover

Political caricatures

This Rs19 billion Public Private Partnership (PPP) project is being realised by a local consortium of six top corporates led by the IBL on prime land of 5.5 acres. But it is starting on a wrong footing; there is a lack of communication between the authorities and all the stakeholders and the situation may become even more chaotic before the handover of the Terminal to the consortium by end of November.

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 Electoral reform: a non-event

 The proposed electoral reform fails to correct the unfairness of First Past the Post system, says those opposed to what the Government has proposed and which undoubtedly does not meet their political agenda. It only adds 18 additional seats without achieving anything. It will be a waste of public funds as most will be joining the long list of MPs who just sit and sleep in the National Assembly. Some of the opposition members have even gone to the extent of qualifying it as a sloppy document prepared by “un cancre”.    

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Special Tuition for ParliamentariansWe have just been informed that many of our parliamentarians have not succeeded in mastering our National Anthem. There is a mix-up with harmony when it comes to liberty. We are taking advantage of the present National Assembly inactivity to start special tuitions for our representatives. It will be a bargain as there will be different rates for different income levels, including estimates of undeclared ones. Please book in advance. N.B. We will be having discounts for those unlikely to get re-elected.

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MBC-TV goes viral

 “With its 700 staff members paid royally plus all kinds of allowances and privileges, the clans, la belle vie, organised disorder, turncoats, incompetent and unqualified staff…” — that’s very contrary to what we were promised — a “BBC à la mauricienne”. We are le “dindon de la farce”. Please reimburse us our monthly Rs 150.

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The Cane Industry: Any long-term measures?

 Amid plunging world sugar prices as a larger than expected supply surplus weighs on the world market, Government unveiled a series of short-term measures in support of the planters. These were well received by the planters but it is not sustainable. Besides the agreement with China for the export of some 50,000 tons of special sugars, does government have a consistent rescue package for the sector and, most important of all, measures which are based on long-term considerations?

* * *

This time, the Human Rights Commission!!!

Hardly a week goes by without the press announcing another impropriety being committed by political nominees which ultimately discredits government. This time it is at the HRC. And very typical of our institutions, in such cases either the board members or the Chairman or the CEO “sont restés injoignables”.

* * *

Financier Jean-Claude Bastos arrested

Angola’s attorney general remanded Swiss financier Jean-Claude Bastos in custody. Dos Santos is alleged to have illegally transferred $500 million from Angola’s sovereign wealth fund to Swiss bank accounts. The FSC is keeping track of things relating to this affair. But it would appear that it is being contemplating to send our good old friend Ivan to Angola to get a better grasp of things… by looking straight in the eyes of Dos Santos.

* Published in print edition on 28 September 2018

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