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Mauritius Times – 60 Years

The Municipality of Port Louis recently had to take the unpleasant decision of reducing its labour force. About 300 employees were retrenched. This decision was prompted by an indisputable fact: the works undertaken by the Municipality had been completed; it could not keep on its payroll more workers than was actually required. Funds were running low. As was expected this decision was exploited by the anti-Labourites and everything was done to run belittle Mayor Guy Forget, and the Labour administration. But the fact of the matter is that Labour’s administration has turned out to be one of the best that the town of Port Louis has ever had. And Guy Forget’s contribution has been outstanding.

In 1956, soon after the Labour Party was returned, he tabled a motion which sought to:

  1. re-establish the shorthand course which had been dropped.
  2. start a training course in drawing and painting.
  3. grant substantial prizes to poor parents with a view to encouraging them to devote greater care to their young children.
  4. increase the number of scholarships awarded to deserving students of Port Louis.
  5. ensure that the inhabitants of Port Louis get at least two public musical recitals per month.
  6. devise ways and means to increase the number of inmates at the Crèche Municipale or to create a new crèche in another region of Port Louis.

The motion was subsequently voted and today when Guy Forget leaves the mayorship he has enough ground to feel proud that each and every of the above-listed measures have been implemented. But that is not all.

Upon his personal initiative the Municipal Corporation has built in different regions of Port Louis five washing stands for the taxis of the capital. The Pleasure Ground has been embellished and renamed after that great, truly Mauritian writer, Robert Edward Hart. The Artillery Square has been named Guy Rozemont Square and it has been beautifully laid out. Guy Forget hopes that in the very near future a statue of the late Guy Rozemont will stand in the square where a place has already been provided for it.

Did you ever know that there was a statue of the great Rémy Ollier in the Company’s Gardens, Port Louis? Many people don’t — and why? The statue stands opposite Mr Damoo’s shop on Chaussée Street, and it was concealed from the public by the hanging roots and branches of the huge, towering banyan tree (La Fourche tree) standing near Rémy Ollier’s statue. Guy Forget felt that the memory of such a great Mauritian should not be allowed to fall in disgrace. The place was cleared up and the Company’s Gardens have now been given a new lay-out so that anyone can see Rémy Ollier’s statue properly.

Today, if the poor man’s house or his workshop happens to be destroyed, it is certain that he will be assisted by the Municipal Corporation just as is the case with destitute labourers who are assisted by the Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund. This is possible because Guy Forget created a new chapter, WELFARE, in the Municipality’s annual budget. Under his personal guidance the Municipal Library has been re-organised. 1,000 new volumes have been purchased.

And one of the greatest feats of the Municipality under the Labour administration is the amelioration of the water supply. Since the creation of the town of Port-Louis the water supply has been a problem. But Guy Forget says that as from February or March next the inhabitants of Port Louis will have a continuous supply of water, day and night.

Guy Forget leaves the mayorship not because of the carping outbursts of ill-mannered critics but because he feels having completed his task. He was Mayor of Port Louis for seven months only.

6th Year – No 261
Friday 14th August, 1959

Promotions and appointments


The following promotions in and appointments to Public Service during the week ended 6th Aug 1959, are released from the Colonial Secretary’s Office:


Mr J. L. Allier,  Senior Executive officer, promoted Finance Officer Grade I.

Mr S. P. Y. Valadon, Meteorological Assistant Grade lI, promoted Assistant Meteorologist, Meteorological Department.

Mr G.S. Naidu, Clerical Officer, promoted Chief Storekeeper, Telecommunications Department.

Mr M. A. Beebeejaun, 1st Class Teacher, promoted Head Teacher.

Mr M. A. Musbally, Clerical Officer, promoted Executive Officer.

Mr M. Gungabeesoon, Clerical Officer promoted Higher Clerical Officer.

Mrs A. Remy, G. Xavier and Miss M. Maugendre, Typists and Stenographers, promoted Confidential Assistants.

Mr H. Salaun, Store-Clerk Class II, promoted Assistant Storekeeper, Public Works Department.


Messrs S. Vythilingum and I. Nobeebocus appointed Messengers.

Acting Appointments

Mr A. Dupavilion, Superintendent of Police, to act as Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Mr L.A.P. Vallet, Executive Engineer, to act as Senior Engineer, Public Works Department.

Mr R. Seeruthun, Chief Finance Officer to act as Accountant, Accountant General’s Department.

Mr N. Nalletamby, Finance Officer Grade II, to act as Finance Officer Grade I.

Mr M. Osman, Executive Officer, to act as Finance Officer Grade II.

Mr Vinayagam S. Pillay, Storekeeper, to act as Senior Storekeeper, Granary.

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