“Pravind Jugnauth does not feel threatened despite the mismanagement and scandals…

Would you be if your main adversary has been considerably weakened?”

Interview: Chetan Ramchurn

“I fail to see how pettiness and hate would help mend this issue. I fail to see how generalising and extending this rejection to RCC alumni solves anything. We went through the 1999 riots when I was in high school. I remember how the relationship between friends changed, becoming strained overnight… and how we came together despite sharing differing views…”


“Politicians have cunningly divided us for their electoral gains… but this has long existed. One alarming feature besides the obsequiousness of swathes of our population is that self-professed guardians of public weal and leaders that emerge from the civil society are now more concerned about nurturing a following, read getting ‘Likes’ on Facebook, than preaching the right thing…”


“I feel that Pravind Jugnauth does not feel threatened despite the mismanagement, glaring incompetence and scandals. Would you be if your main adversary has been considerably weakened? Moreover, it does not take the most astute of analysts to know that a united opposition does not necessarily mean a stronger opposition in rural constituencies…”


“There are fragments of a new Mauritius that have been disseminated by the opposition. These, I feel, are paltry measures. A movement around the opposition would only come to fruition when they embark on crusade against corruption led by immaculate leaders. They have to decide whether their present leaders can incarnate this unblemished avatar…” Read More… Become a Subscriber

Mauritius Times ePaper Friday 17 March 2023

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