Trump – Common Sense and Bitter Truths

Chronique Hebdo

Let us get one thing straight following the misplaced outrage over issues hogging international media headlines which are parroting America’s left-leaning media sensationalism and distortion of reality. How media manipulate and condition public opinion worldwide, from advanced to developing countries, big and small, is mind-boggling and downright outrageous, irresponsible and shameful. Media’s lies and biased reporting on key issues at international and national levels is the biggest scourge that confuses and misleads people to side with the wrong crowds at the wrong moment, and to demonstrate against good causes for wrong reasons.

Hysteria. Media in UK and US are not coming to terms with the fact that they are part of the Establishment that Brexit and Trump supporters reject. Their opinion poll was based on their own wishful thinking and partial political stances. After a hate campaign against Trump, newspapers and television went on misinforming on the sociological profile of Trump supporters, lumping them up as a disgruntled bunch of working class Whites who are hit by unemployment and globalization, thus giving the electorate a racial profiling. In fact, votes were garnered across the national spectrum: Whites, African-Americans, Cubans, Hispanics including Mexicans, Asians and Muslims, and all these people gave the reasons why they voted Trump. The traditional vote bank of Democrats was more divided than the media care to admit. American media broadcast one-sided views which are ceaselessly repeated by other media. What we see, then, is journalists around the world in a hysterical panic about Trump.

Vilification. US TV channels and media show Trump in a poor light, depicting him as a xenophobic hateful racist with poor oratory skills and limited vocabulary. This is not what we find when we watch integral interviews of the President by independent journalists. The electorate do not expect him to compete with the Queen’s English. Absurd slogans of ‘Peace and Love’ were brandished by protesters as if Americans were vicious haters and election is about voting for a Mother Teresa. Or, as original thinker Nassim Nicolas Taleb puts it, Trump did not run for the Archbishop of Canterbury, he was not elected to be saintly and good but to fix things which are not working, and his plain speaking appeals to people. Calling a spade a spade is the privilege of a leader who is unfettered by debts and loyalty to financial lobbies and politicians. What probably angers media barons and journalists who defend globalization policy is that Trump is doing the job for free, he is not taking any salary. Politics is not based on human rights but on deals which defend common interests best.

Self-righteousness. A smear campaign is led by liberals, pseudo-intellectuals and leftist absolutists who believe that anyone who thinks differently from them is plain wrong. Their reactions are usually backed up with sneers and insults. Their sense of infallibility and superiority is unchallengeable. So many bright men and women who define themselves as leftists are blinded by an ideological fanaticism. Anyone who disagrees with them is a target. To change views is to surrender their sense of superiority and entitlement and to acknowledge that they erred for decades and dragged crowds of influenceable young people with them in their errings.

As to the American press, its coverage of the presidential inauguration ceremony was most pathetic for the wide publicity it gave to anti-Trump demonstrations because they lost the hate campaign against him. What the oncoming years have in store as regards political stability may raise concern. Remember how President Nixon was hounded by the press and forced to resign after Watergate. But we are no longer in the 1990s, and an increasing number of people are not relying on mainstream media to form an opinion.

Billionaire versus billionaire. It was unbelievable to see people demonstrating against a democratically-elected President in the oldest democracy in the world. Protesters went on rampage, burnt tyres, obstructed roads, smashed shop windows and restaurants. If their idea of democracy is that election results should be contested until Democrats win, then North Korea should be the reference. Republican supporters never resort to violence and go on a destruction spree when Democrats win elections.

The organized marches across the US on swearing-in day were said to have been financed by the powerful American billionaire of Hungarian origin, George Soros, Lord of the Stock Exchange with access to insiders’ information thanks to his connection with powerful finance barons, and who made his fortune by manipulating currencies. His NGOs, namely Open Society and MoveOn propagate his ideas, and are still circulating petitions on the web to whip up anti-Trump sentiment. Broadly, a highly generous sponsor of Democrats, he financed Obama’s political career right from the beginning. Logically, Obama should have prosecuted the banksters who caused the recession in 2008.

A spirit of revenge shapes his general outlook and motivates Soros’ actions. Britain’s ‘Black Wednesday’ in 1992 following the dramatic fall of its currency caused by the billionaire injecting millions of pounds in the Stock Exchange, was Soros’ ‘white Wednesday’, a revenge for not getting employment in the finance sector after graduation from LSE in England. His trade activities led to the devaluation of currency in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Russia. China stopped him just in time.

How and why George Soros hates the world. A deep Russophobic due to family history, he was directly involved in the Velvet Revolutions across Eastern Europe in 1989. His organisations infiltrate many countries, sparked the Pink Revolution in Georgia in 2003, and Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2004 with the goal of undermining Russia. He was behind the White House’s sanctions against Russia. Soros strongly opposes the idea of a strong and prosperous Russia. In 2015, he actively pressurized Brussels technocrats to support Ukraine in a military confrontation with Russia. The wish of the 86-year old billionaire is that the US administration prevents a solid alliance between Russia and China. Obama strangely failed to prevent the two powers from teaming up despite his personal animosity against Putin, a trait shared by his financial sponsor. Not in his worse nightmares did Soros dream of U.S mending ties with Russia.

The despair and pain in Soros’s eyes, a French writer says, is the despair and pain of a child who nearly faced death in a gas chamber during Nazi Germany. He hates a world that abandoned him. He is a very troubled personality, notwithstanding the slogans of ‘Peace and Love’ that his NGO Open Society carries. His media mouthpiece and protégé, The Huffington Post vilifies Trump on a daily basis. His NGOs are pressurizing Democrats to listen to so-called world anger and take action against Trump’s measures. His idea of America is that it should be subservient to international bodies and law. Trump holds opposite views.

Core beliefs. Protectionism, patriotism and rootedness of people in a country’s soil and culture are nothing retrograde or new. They are shared by many countries and Europe except the sense of guilt and political correctness which distort beliefs into taboos. Sure, globalization helps millions of people out of poverty. Re-industrialization is what politicians in Europe and their people have been timidly claiming over the recent years. NAFTA is still a project ; what will be lost cannot be assessed now.

The world is in a mess, says the American President. We can’t blame him. He has decency to recognize that the US sponsored unnecessary wars in the Middle-East, wasting trillions of taxpayers’ money for nothing – not even got oil in Iraq. He makes sense to voters when he says that Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi had better been left to sort out things with their own people, and at least they kept religious extremists at bay and dealt with them in five seconds while democracies spend 25 years in trials with public funds. His suggestion to help Syria rebuild itself and bring back its stranded refugees gets a favourable feedback in the US and Europe. He does not ask to topple Assad unlike his European counterparts mainly Germany, France and Britain. Hillary Clinton’s warmongering policy targeted Iran next on the list.

The herd mindset. Not only street protesters in the US are behaving like capricious spoilt children, men and women in other countries are mimicking the organized rallies against an elected President, thumping their fists in the air, shouting hollow slogans, and yelling in a most pathetic manner, and condoned by Hollywood stars. Equally puerile is the emotional doting on the Obama couple, drawing absurd contrasts. Not to mention the self-deprecating intellectual communities, journalists, bloated politically correct élite class who foster a pathological sense of their own self-centred moralism. The absurd nauseating effusion testifies to the intellectual, political and moral debasement of the American cultural Establishment.

NATO. Obsolete? European leaders are in a panic. They do not fulfil their commitment in financial contribution. Right now, they are whining and whimpering like children because Papa America is letting them down. They will have to stand on their own feet and assume self-defence. How now are they going to pursue their anti-Russia policy?

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