‘Message from an Adventurous Ancestor’

By Thierry Macquet

Our compatriot, Thierry Macquet, now settled in England, has brought out an inspiring and exciting one – ‘Message from an Adventurous Ancestor’. It tells the story of two men from different eras tied through blood line and the social realities of their times and how humanity does not fundamentally change over the course of centuries despite wars, revolutions, and pandemics.

Two flamboyant characters, Adrien and Charles, who can only be found in the heart of the rich and blue-blooded elite take readers on a journey through not only time but the upper drawers of society, both past and present, in the world of the “upper-class club” where outsiders are seldom welcome regardless of the friendly and eccentric image its members give to the outside world and a destructive race where drugs, money and social recognition are the supreme rulers of a borderline decadent social order.

Adrien Mullet de Lespinasse discovers an oil portrait of his direct ancestor Charles dating from the 1820s when the man was also in his mid-forties living another pandemic and this will be a catalyst which will change Adrien’s path, and open his mind to the fact that he has been looking for perfection in an imperfect world when his life already holds all the ingredients for him to be contented.

The diaries of this adventurous French Viscount discovered in the attic of their family seat will reveal striking similarities between the life journey of each of those two men sharing the same genes while living two centuries apart, with both experiencing similar situations, meeting people with strikingly identical profiles, and visiting the same exotic places in totally different eras. The corona pandemic tragedy is the wakeup call which help him to finally accept who he is, with a return to his Mauritian roots which will bring him serenity.

Thierry Macquet was born in Mauritius in 1973, where his ancestors immigrated from France in the early 19th century. He started his career in the luxury hospitality and lifestyle sector in 1997. He moved to London in 2001 and set up TM Portfolio in 2009. He has lived in many different countries since his childhood, is trilingual, and has a very international approach to business development, brand marketing and PR. His London based team and himself cover the UK/Irish, Dutch and Northern European markets at TM Portfolio.

Thierry holds two postgraduate degrees, sits on a few boards of directors as a consultant, and writes as a freelance Travel & Lifestyle journalist for a few high profile publications. He is also an author in his spare time, as well as a Brand Ambassador for a handful of brands in the world of gastronomy, fashion and art.

He travels extensively around the globe, always eager to discover new places and has extensive knowledge of travel and cultures. ‘Message from an Adventurous Ancestor’ is his first novel, which has been published by IPC (Mauritius), and Grosvenor House Publishing (United Kingdom).

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