In Memoriam: Dr Arvind Pulton

Achievers never expose themselves, their achievements expose them.

By Anitah Aujayeb

A loving son to his parents, a good parent and duty bound family man himself, a citizen always at the service of the country, Dr Arvind Pulton was above all tied dutifully to the most noble of jobs, that is to save lives. His achievement started there.

Since his fateful and untimely demise on 26th February 2020, words of gratitude poured from everywhere. This is what made me write these lines. I had never seen people blessing a departed one so much before. His parents had blessed him wholeheartedly when he came back to them after 14 long years of medical studies in France. I can still hear his dad’s words “My Ram is back from his 14 years of exile”.

 And the rejoicings were above expectations. It was his greatest achievement, his filial duty.

On the fateful funeral day, when Dr Bissondoyal expertly read the Ramayan verses, the mourners could not hold their tears as he sang “ Ram is leaving Ayodhya today”. No words could gauge the most pertinent element of comparison, which was truly deserving. His compassion and his savoir vivre made him deserve to be called Ram – a title not given to anyone. This was another of his achievements.

Afterwards I started perusing the outpouring of messages on social media. Someone wrote “Dear Dr, you had saved my life as well as my baby’s. Thank you.”

Another lady said “It is because of your treatments that I could be a mother. Rest in Peace.”

“He will be remembered by every life he touched” added another person, while a young mother said “Thank you Doctor for the bundle of joy you had put in my arms.”

Such were among Dr Arvind Pulton’s innumerable achievements. We bow down to salute this special Doctor, who never deprived anyone of an advice. It has been rightly said that hands that help are better than lips that pray. He had come back to his country to serve his countrymen and he did it with all the sense of belonging and professionalism he showered on the medical world of Mauritius, his island home. This was one of his biggest achievements. He had long understood that “Life is good when one is happy but life is better when people are happy because of you”. His island home could not give him millions as salary but he won a million hearts – surely worth much more.

* Published in print edition on 6 March 2020

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