Cats, Dogs, and Some Owners


Every day, a great number of dogs and cats are euthanatised, or otherwise killed, in ways varying from the almost painless MSPCA injection of lethal barbiturates, down to methods used by some supremely vicious individuals who saturate, and then burn, their “pets” alive, who then suffer far more than if they were just ailing – even very badly.

Some worse than “just those types of bastard” owners even give strong poisons to these poor animals, with something as obnoxious and painful as the dreadful, and, I believe, illegal, plantoid poison called Grammoxone.

Do you not imagine that, simply from the “attitude” of their “owners”, these poor beasts may even sense that they are doomed, since at least the night before? Of course, the great majority of “much nicer people” simply abandon their animals, especially when very young, just because this is easier, presumed (??) to be kinder, and is not permanently visible to the person concerned.

Don’t just read this printed stuff — I have actually seen the whole situation, multiplied many times, and have dealt with it in my own humane way. If there is any god, or, even much more doubtfully, any god of any sort in you, act mercifully with unwanted animals, preferably through early sterilisation, or via the veterinary surgeon at the mspca.

I almost violently wish that the cruel methods meted out to kill the pitiful stray or abandoned animals could also be meted out, in full public view, to those cruel and heartless people (which is a very much too feeble a set of words used to describe these perverts) who let pets run loose, or act as cruelly as mentioned above.

The crowd watching their “slowish descent into death” would be vast, and utterly pitiless. BETS would be cast !!! Even I would go to watch the spectacle, before, no doubt, vomiting !! Otherwise, kind disposal of unwanted animals’ lives (via the mspca) might just save your soul — if you even have one!!

For me, at least, I care absolutely nothing for so-called “humanity”, especially for the poorest and stupidest, who unwittingly over-reproduce the most unwanted children – who often suffer in the same way as unwanted animals. But, I would love to see those most cruel dog/cat/child killers treated in just the same manner in which they disposed of their unwanted dependents.

My latest, and perhaps best idea, is their visible execution inside a tank full of large very hungry sharks!! But I would again BET on who lived longest!!! Wouldn’t that be great FUN!! But, the worst aspect of this whole thing, is that it is NOT always the poorest who act in the worst ways. THEY would be even greater fun to see perish!!


PS – Good News: I am delighted to report that 5 new 6 to 8 week old kittens, whom I picked up recently, suddenly became very ill due to cross viral infection, of whom I strongly expected to find at least 2 or 3 dead this morning, have ALL recovered, are very active, and have eaten well. Perhaps there is a god, and he just gets pissed off with me now and then!! Now, it’s 21 cats, 7 dogs, and 1 wife. I’ve seen better days!!

* Published in print edition on 13 January 2012

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