Traffickers, Drug Addicts, and Vicious Repeat Criminals


This is not even slightly humorous, as might have been my last article, but rather deliriously nasty. I am totally fed up with our penal system. It does not work. All convicts should be obliged to pay their own way, fully, through hard work. That is, residence, food, entertainment and any medical costs. Failing which, and paid in full, you’re not going to get away that easily… 

Again failing which, they can either starve slowly, or die faster.  And to hell with them, too.

But then, there is a special class of such human (?) dregs who merit extra-special nasty treatment. These are the drug dealers, pushers, importers, and the dumb addicts themselves. I have zero tolerance, sympathy or agreement with the State paying for their residence or treatment in any location or manner. As a massive ex-smoker, I do NOT expect the State to hospitalize me if, and when, the need might arise. That’s my own problem. Either I pay privately, or I die.

But druggies etc. are not in the same category as we merely utterly stupid individuals who only harm ourselves. Drug pushers and similar nuisances need far more drastic, and immediate, treatment. No individual drug addict, under the age of say 16, should receive any State medical treatment. They and all older ones should be given a massive overdose of their favourite fix, and buried in a mass grave of labelled delinquents.

However, for the biggies, those who import, or manufacture, hard drugs, should be summarily taken into a yard and shot in the head. The cops know whose these are, and some cops merit the same treatment, too. Human crap we have quite enough of, and more of those types we do not need. Out of nearly 7 billion mouths, who would lose a couple of million, dealt with summarily: no courts, no appeals, no long 20 year delays, pending long appeals, before administration of a very much over-kind lethal injection?? Why not a lubricated wire rope, in public. Slow dangle and strangle is the best they deserve.

Do you not agree?? The Public used to really love such Sunday, Hyde Park, London, performances. Vast crowds, many bets!! Ditto in France during the more infallible use of the wonderful guillotine!!

I initially forgot to mention violent criminals and rapists, especially men who rape girls as young as 2 years old, or even younger. Such EVIL people – a word that has gone out of use, in favour of psycho-babble, it seems, simply do not deserve to live at all.

Re. the first, group: for such violent criminals, mete out to them what they mete out to others. I am sure there are far more than enough violent counterparts already inside the penal system who, provided with coshes and similar violent instruments, could deal out the real and complete punishment deserved. It is well known that child molesters already get a very hard time in clink.

As for the rapists, any and all, but most especially those of children, I recommend TOTAL castration, combined with an additional jail sentence of at least 20 years, wherein their bums would become common property!! I said this article would not be nice.

* * *


This very brief point serves as merely a warning. Over the last 50 years, I have purchased various items of Chinese manufacture. With highly dubious results.

I am advised, perhaps wrongly, that the Chinks make copies of articles of (at least 4 qualities) VERY GOOD, i.e. International quality, merely GOOD, but adequate; poor, i.e. highly dubious; and pure rubbish, very cheap, badly performing, and highly unreliable.

I just caught out with a duff DVD player, which was OK yesterday, today is pure rubbish. I’d rather pay Rs 5000 than Rs 1800, and get a machine which leaves me sitting comfortably in my armchair, rather than tearing out my hair, and letting out expletives God never thought of!!

I find original UK, German, Korean, Japanese, even French (!) articles highly reliable. In fact, my own Hi-Fi which is of exceedingly good quality, QUAD of UK origin – whatever the Japs claim – is over 40 years old, works beautifully, and has had ultra minimal maintenance.

So, just watch it, and don’t count the pennies too much.

* Published in print edition on 24 February 2012

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