When will things get really better?


By TP Saran

Every time that the government changes after a general election, there is renewed hope that things will get better based on electoral pledges made by the new incumbent. From this peak of expectation that holds up the mirage of the promised land, before we know we begin to slide down towards the reality that, after all, it was only a mirage that was put up to lure the electorate into voting for change – though sometimes there erupts a scam or a scandal that gives a brutal indication that there is rot beneath the glittering surface.

Vire mam, perhaps the first time in our electoral history that social media had such a massive and direct impact on the voting pattern, was such an overwhelming victory that people almost to the last ti-dimoune began to believe ‘yes, this is it! This time it’s for real!’ Alas, as had happened before too, the shine started to pale out, and pretty fast, as members within the ruling party itself started to put own goals thus eroding the image of their party and their government by their misbehaviours, injurious words and meddling in institutions…


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* Published in print edition on 7 December 2018

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