An extremely delicate affair!

The story in relation to the alleged trafficking of dead bodies for the sake of advancement of sciences and surgery is a ‘strange’ one.

Many corpses must have floated under the bridge, so to say, before the recent ‘discovery’ of the alleged ‘transactions’ came to light. But, as could be expected, certain very ‘watchful’ opinion leaders looked the other way when the reputation of certain specific institutions were at stake.

There is no doubt that the loss or disappearance of the dead body of a close one is a disturbing matter. But if we human beings are now benefiting from such so-called ‘obsure’ business of dead bodies, should we point an accusing finger to scientists for such happenings? Where would surgery be if we had put obstacles in the way of surgery?

But the least that must be done is to ensure that all the rules and regulations are followed as regards the disposal of unclaimed dead bodies.

I salute those unselfish people who sacrifice their personal feelings and voluntarily offered their bodies or part of them for the advancement of the sciences.


* Published in print edition on 11 April 2014

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