Vijaye Beeharry’s Hindi-French dictionary launched

By Vijaye Beeharry

Vijaye K. Beeharry’s Dictionnaire Hindi-Français was launched yesterday at the Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture by Education minister, Hon V. Bunwaree in the context of the World Hindi Day celebrated by the World Hindi Secretariat.

In line with the objective of the World Hindi Secretariat to promote Hindi as an international language, Vijaye Beeharry published, some five years back, the Dictionnaire Trilingues (French-English-Hindi). Encouraged by the response from different stakeholders, he has gone deeper in this direction with the publication of the Dictionnaire Hindi-Français. Some 10,000 common Hindi words and expressions and their equivalent French words have been given. Mr Beeharry has gone beyond a mere literal translation of words by providing their alternative meanings.

The author, who spent nearly forty years promoting Hindi, is very optimistic about its future. With the balance of economic power expected to shift dramatically in the years to come, Hindi’s importance as an international language will, according to Vijaye Beeharry, go on increasing. Many people living in French speaking areas are already keen to learn Hindi. At the same time, within India, contacts with French speaking countries require an understanding of the other language. The publication of this Hindi-French dictionary comes at an opportune time.

* Published in print edition on 12 January 2013

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