Nul n’est prophète en son pays… 

… but fortunately the editors of The Banker (a professional magazine of the Financial Times Group, UK) are not made of the same mettle as some of our self-appointed “experts” operating in our local media. I recall one such expert displaying an irresistible pettiness of mind when he laid greater emphasis on the items of the menu card for the annual Bank of Mauritius dinner instead of on the substance of the Governor’s speech in which the latter cautioned local bankers against treading the same path of foreign ‘banksters’! The business community has had a field day tilting massive windfall gains towards their balance sheets through successive currency devaluations. It came as no surprise that quite a few were disappointed when M. Bheenick was appointed Governor of the Bank of Mauritius. For deep inside they knew that the ‘cry-wolf’ scenarios were over. 

Now that the vision and commitment of the Governor of the Central Bank have been acknowledged as an antidote against the common virus having infected those who ruled over the world economy, let’s hope that for once we’ll cast aside our ‘culture de palabres’ — a so-common disease affecting our local media — and allow Mr Bheenick the necessary space to keep steering Mauritius away from the turbulent economic waves crippling Europe and the USA. 

A. Vidur
Port Louis

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