Celebrating Music Day – The Universal Way

Universal College

In 1981 when Jacques Lang, the then French Minister of Arts and Culture, propounded the idea of a worldwide celebration of Music Day, little did we, at Universal College, realize that it would come to occupy such a place of predilection in our hearts. In fact, the universality of music has brought it to the shores of our college and is so much deep rooted and firmly anchored that we have now devised our own way of celebrating it.

Since some eight years now, the management has thought about adding sparkles to this celebration by bringing the community around the institution together in this moment of joy and celebration. As a matter of fact, a lunch to senior citizens is grafted to the day’s programme. Around 500 senior members of the Riviere du Rempart community make their way to the private secondary school where they are warmly greeted and welcomed by management, teachers and students alike.

On this 22nd June 2012, the celebration took a new turn with the Prize Giving and magazine launch also being effected in the presence of Hon Balkissoon Hookoom, Parliamentary Private Secretary and the constituency’s representative at the National Assembly.

But the jewel in the crown was the way the Music Day was celebrated. After lunch, our guests were welcomed under the “Salle Verte” in front of the music platform where the entire student population welcomed them with open arms. It was a real feast for the eyes to see this intergeneration synergy whereby both generations gave vent to their joys and pleasures to the tune of music. Feast for the eyes, indeed, when one would see the older generation singing and dancing in the company of the young, budding generation.

This is, yet, another facet of life to be explored because this meeting of two contrasting generations in such a moment brings the sensation of pleasure, togetherness, of the sensation of extreme well-being. This moment of rejoicing is indescribable, and, really this intergeneration mix goes a long way towards harmonizing relationships to make Mauritius the better place everyone desires to live in.

This value is well inculcated in our students on this day – the respect we owe to our elders who have toiled and moiled in order to pave better days ahead for their progenies.

* Published in print edition on 29 June 2012

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