The Corona Puzzle

We lay people are mired in the vortex of the tragedy of this century. Or is it that Mother Nature is simply taking matters in her hand and setting the clock right?

By Dr Rajagopal Soondron

Is it a coincidence that the latest coronavirus should splash out onto the world scene during Donald Trump’s reign? Coming out victorious against Hillary Clinton in 2016, Trump’s insistent motto of “America First” prompted him to target China’s economy during his disguised diatribe; he openly named China as the threat to the American economy. Of course that was a total slip in diplomatic relationship. He committed the same blunder that the Ayatollahs of Iran did in the 80s, when they blared out that they would wipe Israel from the surface of the world. For the latter it was officially an open war declaration; so they systematically boycotted Iran’s plan for developing nuclear weapons.

Like Israel, China reacted aggressively against Trump’s ambitious intention of lashing back. So she cunningly prompted and abetted her young inexperienced puppet neighbor Kim Jong-un to start the missile fireworks, in order to frighten and scare the wits out of South Korea and Japan, USA’s staunch allies. North Korea by herself would not have the mettle to exhibit such military ambitions without Chinese sanction.

So the final outcome was that Donald Trump the multibillionaire, swallowing his pride and feeling humiliated, had to come down to Singapore to meet his opponent, to shake hands reluctantly, and to pacify that missile-trigger-happy young dictator.

Suddenly the Chinese Communist Party politburo realized that they have a crafty genius at their head and decided to name Xi as their president for life.

Power Politics

The Western elites, having dominated the world scene for centuries under the belief that they are superior, and after enslaving the psychology of many indigenous peoples for ages, could no longer stomach that nauseating ascertainment that the centre of civilization was slipping away towards the East. More so as China is hijacking their imperialistic blueprint to win Third World countries to her economic cause, decades after having annexed Tibet with impunity; after all the latter had no fossil fuel to lure any international sympathy and intervention.

What could the West do? If China was poor they would have sidelined her and kept accusing her condescendingly of human rights violation. But as the latter was the second economic power, the West and allies conveniently and cunningly forget about that noble goal of theirs and queued obediently like schoolchildren to gain access to the Chinese market.

Toxic Reaction

Maybe some superpower think-tanks could not resist borrowing from those virtual scenarios outlined in some fiction books: trigger secretly a biological warfare.

 Could China have started first; ready to sacrifice a few thousands of her 1.3 billion people? With the hope that her modified synthetic coronavirus would move westward and decimate Trump and his allies’ economies? Or could the American army which participated in a competition fair in Wuhan around October 19 have capitalized on the occasion to infiltrate its spies in Wuhan with a sample of Covid-19 – and make the Chinese a sitting duck?

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic we have had all sorts of media posts celebrating the concept that the virus is the work of a calculated strategy from a superpower. Some people even suggested that Putin, not willing to be sidelined in that fight for supremacy, had looked with a jaundiced eye at those other two powers which were vying to dominate the world without counting on the Russian’s Machiavellianism.

And social media even threw another spanner in the wheel: a Japanese Noble Prize winner in physiology had vowed to give back his prize if someone could prove that the coronavirus is not a synthetic chimera. He is convinced it is; while Indian researchers found that that the seventh coronavirus indisputably contains four synthetic molecules pinned to it.

The latest is that the USA, UK and France are ready to sue China for delayed warning about the threat of the Covid-19 virulence, with the former accusing China of synthesizing the virus in her Wuhan lab; but the Chinese are surely having a good laugh at the West. She has already intimated that she would not investigate the Wuhan source of the virus; after all it was France which heavily helped China to build the very sensitive P4 biological laboratory in Wuhan.

Speculations as to the real origin of that virus are many. Is it a convict escaping from a secret biological warfare laboratory or an experimental vaccine gone wrong? Is it a plan concocted by one superpower to throw the scare into the enemy camp? Is it a natural consequence of the eating habit of the Chinese? Or is it the social media amateur hackers – ready to create mischief – who are concocting all sorts of conspiracy theories and scenarios to keep us guessing about the unbelievable tragedy striking the human race?

Mr Trump, so sure of his country’s capacity to deal with a simple flu, coupled with his utter ignorance of basic medicine, finally found himself face to face with the blunder he had let himself into. And as the presidential election is behind the door he desperately looked for a scapegoat – and saw the right one in the WHO, accusing it of being in connivance with the Chinese.

 And we laymen come to realize, yet again, that the powerful and the rich were always ready to fool and sacrifice us while they would be juggling with deadly ammunitions — biological or chemical — to satisfy their thirst for world domination. In the East we have the highly intolerant secretive Chinese Communist Party dictatorship overtly displaying its expansionist ambitions on the Indian northeast frontier; in the West the American ignoramus at the head of the greatest democracy but highly capitalistic contraption – all in all the right formula to stir deadly world mischief.

As the elephants indulge in a bull fight, the grass below would be trampled upon. The poor people of the world are suffering the collateral damage triggered by the superpowers – hundreds of thousands are already paying with their lives, millions will lose their job, becoming poorer and hungrier, while many others will suffer all sorts of psychosomatic diseases. The world will be a bleaker place to live in since the last world war 75 years ago.

We lay people are mired in the vortex of the tragedy of this century. Or is it that Mother Nature is simply taking matters in her hand and setting the clock right?

* Published in print edition on 23 June 2020

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