A Thing of Beauty is a Joy for Ever

Humble salutations and Congratulations on your 60th anniversary.

It must have been a very brave and profound act of faith that spurred the founders to launch an English newspaper, in the midst of our make-believe, fallacious Francophone culture in 1954. Indeed one would have scarce believed such a paper would survive for 6 years, never mind 60, in this environment.

Yet survived you have with brilliance. Now in the age of Internet, you not only have a local readership, but I am reliably informed you also get hundreds of hits from all over the world—from the ordinary curious reader to the university student doing his graduate/postgraduate thesis.

You came into existence when some of us, the so-called baby boomers, had barely come out of our kindergarten school. Now many of us have become old and weak, expecting to rid ourselves of this mortal coil anytime soon. You, on the other hand, have gone from strength to strength with the passing years, and will no doubt become a stronger voice to be heard in the future.

May you long flourish and give the joy you have given my generation.

A very grateful…

* Published in print edition on 14 August 2014

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