Who is in the Driver’s Seat?

When you think of Krishna, the image that usually comes up in your mind is the one in which he is driving a chariot pulled by five powerful war-horses and Arjuna sitting behind sadly. Without going into what Krishna told Arjuna to inspire him to get up and fight, Osho says you just recall this scene and ponder over it. Ask yourself a simple question: Who is the master? Krishna in the driver’s seat or Arjuna in the owner’s seat?

Technically, Krishna is just the driver and not the owner or the commander. It is Arjuna as the commander who is supposed to order the driver where and how to drive. The reality is different. The driver, Krishna, is in charge as he controls the five strong war-horses or the five senses and directs the chariot in the war between good and evil. If the driver is not in control the horses can go anywhere as per their will – in any direction or over any rough path and maybe even crash the chariot. Arjuna listened to his friend, guide and later, his master, Krishna to take charge of his chariot, his life, and won against heavy odds.

Who is in the driver’s seat of your life’s car? The instant answer is: Me! If you believe so, then can you deal with all the unexplained and unexpected events that confront you and usually defeat and depress you? Then the easy way out is to blame bad luck. The true path is to move aside and to surrender and let Krishna or Existence take over the reins or the steering wheel. To surrender means absolute awareness, otherwise you cannot surrender. Surrender means dropping the ego, and ego IS your unconsciousness. Krishna says, “Drop the ego and then leave it to God. Then let his will be done. Then whatsoever happens is good.” Then you become a witness to whatever, good or bad, is happening to you.

Osho clarifies that Krishna is not God, “Krishna says in the Gita to Arjuna, “Fight, but fight with absolute surrender to God. Become a vehicle.” Now Krishna can say, “I am God,” because he is not. In fact, it is not Krishna saying, “I am God.” It is God saying, “I am.” Krishna is not there. He appears to Arjuna because our eyes are blind. He appears to us because we cannot see. When Krishna says, “I am God,” we think it is Krishna saying, “I am God.” In fact, Krishna is no more there. It is God saying, “I am! I am! ” — that’s all.”

Let’s be aware of Osho’s vision when we celebrate Krishna’s birth this month. And let the Supreme Lord himself drive your chariot.

Merry Krishna!

* Published in print edition on 30 August 2013

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