Let us all take a pledge to become peaceful

World Peace Day

Peace is the natural state of harmony that exists in nature and in life. This can be noticed in the deep sea, the deep forest, the vast sky and the dry desert. Peace had also prevailed in society at a time when the earth was known as Paradise. However, the state of the world has deteriorated to such an extent that violence has escalated to its greatest height, with innumerable wars, terrorist attacks, conflicts, tensions. The whole world is now in transformation.

How can we achieve the peaceful state which will bring about a change in the Soul leading to world peace? Each one of us has to contemplate on the soul – focus our thoughts on this sparkling point of divine light. Concentrate on it – see oneself as the immortal, peaceful soul. Concentrate one’s mind and intellect on the point. Visualise a subtle fountain of rays emanating from the point and spreading around. One will feel peace and light. I am a peaceful soul. Rays of peace radiate from me and my surroundings become peaceful. I am a child of the Ocean of Peace – the Supreme Soul. My nature is peace. I am in peace. With this practice, one will experience more and more peace.

The soul has to get its energy from the Supreme Soul. This is acquired through constant remembrance and connection with the latter. The Supreme Soul who is the Ocean of all attributes, residing in the Supreme abode as a sparkling point of light radiates rays of divine attributes which fills the soul with peace, purity, love, bliss and other virtues. Complete success for the soul can be ensured through spiritual studies, a wholesome vegetarian diet, pure positive thoughts with a clean mind and a clear heart. In this way when we re-discover the peace within ourselves, there will be peace in the world. The Eternal One’s task of establishing a peaceful world will be a certain quest of peace.

Every human being on earth is now searching for peace: that eternal state of tranquility, serenity, quietude and stillness. Man runs to temples, churches, mosques, and visits mountains, parks, seashores, hill stations, hot springs, historical places and other such sightseeing spots to look for solitude and peace. Yet, he does not find it. Man has also tried to find peace in new inventions and discoveries. These have helped to considerably improve his life; he enjoys a wide array of comforts and facilities, but he is bogged down by incessant worries and anxieties.

Chaos and confusion reign supreme in almost all communities. Disunity and social breakdown are common features. Brothers are fighting against brothers, one religion against another. The greed for power and mental tension have increased. Science and technology have come up with weapons of destruction and bombs are available to annihilate the whole of humanity.

The question is: who is going to bring peace to this world?

Various schemes to bring about global peace have been launched worldwide. Peace and religious conferences are held regularly. Committees are convened; peace awards and peace prizes have been given yet there is no sign of peace. Instead there is a rise in fear and worry. Can human beings bring peace to this tormented world? We have to be honest. This is a Herculean task which can be fulfilled by none other than the One and only Ocean of Peace and who is that? In all religions we call out to Him and we know that the Supreme Being is the only One who can alleviate our sufferings. The Supreme Soul i.e. the Creator is the only One who with His powers and divine knowledge can liberate all souls from the hold of vices that have made them miserable and without peace. Due to vices, the soul has become tired and worn out and the Supreme Soul has come to remove its dirt through austerity, to restore it to its pristine purity. The soul thus recovers all its innate powers to act with contentment, discrimination and regain its divine attributes. The basic qualities of the soul are peace and silence.

The Supreme Soul, who has an inexhaustible treasure of peace, knowledge, bliss and love, has come to bring about this transformation in order to establish a peaceful world. It is important for each one of us to do to a self-examination and remove all the negativities to attain the peaceful state that is required for this world transformation.

On this day, let us all take a pledge to become peaceful and spread peace worldwide.

Sister Neeroo

Flacq Brahma Kumari

* Published in print edition on 26 September 2014

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