Saving with Lockdown

By Kul Bushan, New Delhi

Self-imprisoned at home due to the global lockdown, most people miss their outdoor trips to their favourite restaurant for a meal, an evening at the movie theatre, shopping in the malls, a drink or two at the bar, among other pleasures.

If you do, then just calculate how much money you are saving due to this lockdown because you were spending cash for all these activities. Let us estimate how much we spend during three weeks for:

  1. Transport by own vehicle (fuel, parking, maintenance) or public means (bus, auto, metro, taxi)
  2. Restaurant meals
  3. Drinks at a bar or coffee at a cafe
  4. Movie tickets and popcorn
  5. Sports fees for playing outdoors, tickets for matches and/or concerts
  6. Any other expense during these three weeks

Just total it all and enjoy the thought of how much you have saved! And let me know the amount, if you like.

Hoping to hear from you about your online meditation too!

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* Published in print edition on 1 April 2020

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