Musings of The Muse – On emotions and feelings

We are told that feelings are homeless creatures and they are unlimited.

They flit and fly, spanning the universe, seeking asylum in the souls of human beings, mere and petty mortals. Feelings are both negative and positive. Infinite as they may be, there is always some space for them to have an entry somewhere. The fact that they are denied access now is an issue of a completely different order.

These emotions can be considered as guests but at times they prolong their stay to the point of becoming permanent residents. As long as these emotions are positive, it is not only alright, but very good. In addition, we ought to be grateful and at no moment should it cross our mind to give them the “cold shoulder”. What of these negative feelings however to whom we have unwittingly though not unwillingly granted free access?

As we have already mentioned, emotions are countless, thus absolutely impossible to count. Among them, we can find happiness, joy, excitement desire, gratitude, selflessness, kindness, anger, jealousy, envy, selfishness, and hatred. Emotions such as selflessness, kindness, gratitude, happiness and joy should be nurtured. They should be most welcome to be permanent guests in one’s soul. One cannot but thrive in their company. They are positive feelings. Emotions and feelings act as a kind of spring which motivates our actions. We are all guided by our feelings. We are spurred on into action by our emotions – good and bad – positive and negative.

Unfortunately, negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, envy or even the thirst for revenge do not portend any good at all. On the contrary, they are highly deleterious to all in general and above all to the person who has allowed himself to be subjected himself to the heinous feelings. Everyone remembers Coriolanus, who in a fit of intense wrath, betrayed his own people and although he repented and came to better feelings, ultimately brought about his own downfall.

This single episode, among millions which have come down to us, surely shows that one must keep emotions under control, especially the negative ones. By contrast, let us make it a point to cultivate the good ones because we only shall reap the sweet harvest, shan’t we?

* Published in print edition on 20 May 2016

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