Readers Response

‘Readers’ Response’

“Not enough people have the opportunity to speak out and somehow Mauritian society has to create more channels for people to express themselves. Of course we have the media but this seems to be of the more sensational type rather than the discursive and reflective one. Group discussion is important. And there is not enough of it.”  This is what Dr Vijaya Teelock said in her interview to the Mauritius Times (28 Oct 2011). Rightly said, I would think. For every citizen has the right to knowledge, information and entertainment. The press is their only independent and affordable source of information. It is at the heart of a democratic society, the lifeblood of political and social intercourse in a country like Mauritius, with its multifarious cultures, religions and languages.

It is the press that reflects the diversity of opinion. It is the symbol of freedom, the voice of the people, the safety valve for bottled-up emotions as long as it is neither state-controlled nor muzzled. Please keep your ‘Readers’ Response’ column going. 


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