Planting trees and greening the environment


By Mohun Aujayeb

Planting trees is a very effective way to change the environment and by extension fight the galloping climate change with its prevalence of more extreme situations — extreme cold or hot weather, lots of rain or draught, etc

There are many initiatives of the Government, the concerned Ministry (Ministry of Environment, Solid Waste Management and Climate Change) and other social groups to plant trees and embellish the environment. This in some way is transforming the urban and the rural spaces (left abandoned and become eye sore areas) into zones which in time may become a green luxuriant pleasing environment. This will also help capture carbon, regulate air temperature and support biodiversity and in the long run impact on the climate. (It is a matter of concern that only some 50% of the planted plants survive and grow up simply because of lack of post care. Plants need to be nurtured so that the initiatives do not go awry).

Further there is in contrast to the above laudable action: a series of encroachment on roadsides, riverbanks, and other reserves where the trees, ornamental plants have been uprooted for many reasons. Even wetlands which are deemed protected areas have not been spared from the assault, there are development/construction of buildings thereon. Restore, repair, replant but make it green is the cry from the heart.

Listening to our political masters it appears that we are solving many a problem by ‘by-passes’. Link roads have become a buzz word. We are piercing through the heart of Nature, through the pastures, natural scenery and surroundings to make roads which may, on second thoughts, not be a real necessity. We have sufficient road networks for our tiny island, let’s improve the existing ones.

 Let’s preserve the existing fragments of green spaces and not destroy Nature and the natural habitats: leave something for the future generation to see in terms of green areas in their harmonious natural state. Let’s rearticulate development with emphasis on the need for fairness to Nature and other living entities. Let’s plant and plant so that the country looks like a garden.

These little steps will impact positively on the climate.

Mauritius Times ePaper Friday 1 July 2022

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