Obituary: Ameen Oreeawon

We have learned with sadness the demise, last Friday, of Abdool Wahab Oreeawon at the age of 88.

Ameen, as he was commonly known to his relatives, friends and colleagues at the Mauritius Times, started with this paper since its very early days in the early 1960s and remained steadfast, devotedly and faithfully, well into the present century, in the service of this paper by the side of his colleagues in the pressroom, namely Pierre Eroollen, Cyril Ramsamy, Ragen Conhyea, Ahmad, Gum Venkatachellum and the younger generation that joined the paper in later years.

Ameen was a soft-spoken, affable and above all trustworthy man who could be looked up to at all times for the timely production of the paper week after week. He was what we could call a ‘soft presence’ in the office, carrying out his tasks in silence and unmindful of the goings-on around him.

In fact, the story of the men and women who have toiled hard behind the curtain for long hours on a daily basis for years to ensure the timely production of our local papers is yet to be written. As far as the Mauritius Times is concerned, Ameen Oreeawon together with so many of his erstwhile and present-day colleagues, will always be remembered with gratitude.

We convey to the bereaved family our deepest condolences.

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