Tribute to our beloved father Rajman/Rajputh  Beenessreesingh


19th July 2014 will remain a dark day for all of us, as it is difficult and painful to say farewell to you. This separation will be harder to bear after that of our dear mother Dewantee on 6th February 1993. We found consolation in your role of both parents and you did not make us feel that great loss. You have been brilliant and brilliant!!!!

For 21 years we lived a peaceful life as you were always there to cater for the needs of your children, and numerous grandchildren, organising all the happy events that united us as a close-knit family.  We felt protected to see you on your cosy sofa or relaxing in your cosy bed. Your arms were always open to welcome us and we felt like loved infants. The photo of our late mother on the wall gave us the assurance that our parents were there to look after us.

Today with your sudden departure, we are orphans crying to face the realities of this new harsh change. We will miss you every second of our life as you have left an imprint on all of us. Our only consolation is that you have gone to meet our unforgettable mother, our sister Premila and all our close ones.

You have always been a loving father and grandfather, a caring guide, a wise teacher and we are who we are today because of you and our beloved mother. You will also be remembered as the pioneer of the Crystal House Group and your generosity.

We thank God for giving us such fantastic and generous parents and bless their souls and we will always miss you, an unrivalled inspiration to all your children, grandchildren and all our families.

* Published in print edition on 25 July 2014

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