Our Red Letter Day

MT 60 Yrs 2nd YEAR NO. 44 – 17 June 1955

Ten months ago when we first appeared, we told our readers that the Mauritius Times was setting before it a rather modest ambition: it would serve this country by throwing light on various aspects of our problems.

We further wrote that in this task we would seek no favour, and care for no opposition; we would take up the cudgel on behalf of those who deserve and fight for all those who are oppressed, no matter what their creed, race or complexion would be.

We are satisfied that we have to some extent managed to fulfil this pledge. At times we were compelled to criticize even friends and people for whom we have great admiration. We couldn’t help it as we had to place the interest of the people above personal consideration.

The last ten months have been a period of uncertainty. We had to grope along our way. The path being difficult and full of pitfalls we had to proceed very slowly. But thanks to the relentless efforts of our contributors and the encouragement and support of our readers, we have come so far. During this period we have acquired a bit of experience and we have been able to establish, through our paper, very good contacts with politicians and journalists abroad.

We have expressed our opinions on several topics relating to our local life and have stood firm in the face of opposition and ruthless criticism. We have been able to group some young writers who are serving the Mauritian cause. Henceforth we will have regular features on various topics and interests. The London Letter will, as usual, be sent by the indefatigable and daring journalist, trade unionist, Mr Peter Ibbotson. We are pleased to add that Mr Ibbotson has kindly accepted to represent us in London.

Our friend, D. Napal, whose knowledge of Mauritian history is an acknowledged fact will continue his fortnightly series. TITAN will remain on the lookout for big games. We have been assured of the regular contribution of JESS who gave a bit of himself in Jalabhay-Loljeeh case. NESTOR of ‘Indophobie mauricienne contamine La Grande Ile’ fame will be on the lookout. RAMON, who it can be asserted is not lagging behind in anything related to sport, will be given some more space. CASSANDRE, who is a Jack of all trades and master of many, will have a regular column.

As usual the Readers’ Forum will be open to our readers. By the way, we should like to ask them to be as short and terse as possible. Besides a few new topics will be introduced.

We seize this opportunity to thank the editor of Advance for the help he has given in publishing our weekly advertisement, which have undoubtedly contributed to our success.

A word of special thanks should be addressed to the Government Printer who with the authorization of the Colonial Secretary has kindly given us, on loan, some materials without which it would have been impossible for us to appear in this larger size.

Finally, to all those who have directly or indirectly, contributed to our success, we are thankful.

We hope our readers will not grudge us their support and their good wishes.

* * *

Good Wishes

From: James Johnson, Esq.

Labour MP for Rugby

My heartiest congratulation to the Mauritius Times upon its new venture. I wish it all possible success. I want to stress the important role of a publication like yours in the work of the Labour movement.

The whole period of the post war Labour Governments in Britain has been marked by continuous misrepresentation in the Conservative press. I am quite certain that your Conservative papers in Mauritius are equally hostile to your Labour Party. Hence the extremely vital job that your paper must undertake. All good wishes. May your paper go from strength to strength.

* * *

Dr K. D. Kumria

Managing Editor, African & Colonial World – London

It was very gratifying for me to learn that you are going to double the size of the Mauritius Times, which shows that the progressive people in Mauritius are coming forward to extend to you the recognition in your journalistic work.

I have had the pleasure of knowing you for a considerable time as a patriotic and progressive, public minded person. Your venture in the field of journalism, to provide an Independent Socialist newspaper, catering for the requirements and representing the interests of people of all the races in Mauritius, was an act of faith on your part, and also combined with a certain amount of financial risk.

Your work has proved worthy of support, and I extend to you my congratulations and best wishes for the continued success of your journal, the Mauritius Times.

* * *

Mr Peter Ibbotson


The Mauritius Times, inspired always by the principles of liberty, justice and democracy, is an effective contribution and weapon in the struggle for the realization of those ideals. Its effectiveness can be measured by the amount of vituperation accorded to its Editor and to itself by its Indophobe opponents. I am pleased that the support given to the paper by the People of Mauritius during the last eight months has been such as to justify increasing the size of the paper. May the Mauritius Times go from strength to strength, always upholding the need for justice, for freedom, and for the self-determination of all peoples.

* * *

Hon Guy Rozemont

President Mauritius Labour Party

We are hopeful to understand that you are going to double the size of the Mauritius Times.

It is a long time since this should have been done as we consider that it is in the Mauritius Times’ columns that we the members of the Mauritius Labour Party can freely and openly express our views and ideology.

Sincere congratulations and forward you go.

* * *

Hon. Dr S. Ramgoolam

Port Louis

On the occasion of the reorganisation of the Mauritius Times I send you my very best wishes. I value that work it is doing in these days of uncertainties for freedom and democracy.

Knowing as I do the hazards of running newspapers in Mauritius, I very much appreciate your efforts and hope that your venture will find a ready public.

* * *

A word from Hon R. Seeneevassen

I am pleased to hear the Mauritius Times is going one step further in its career. As long as you continue to champion the cause of the working men and women of this country you will continue to have the support and the gratitude of all reasonable people. The needs and the problems of the working class are glaring; the workers have a good cause and strong case. Distortion of facts, pernicious propaganda and such trimmings should be left to those who have a bad cause. I wish you all success.


  • Published in print edition on 14 August 2015

An Appeal

Dear Reader

65 years ago Mauritius Times was founded with a resolve to fight for justice and fairness and the advancement of the public good. It has never deviated from this principle no matter how daunting the challenges and how costly the price it has had to pay at different times of our history.

With print journalism struggling to keep afloat due to falling advertising revenues and the wide availability of free sources of information, it is crucially important for the Mauritius Times to survive and prosper. We can only continue doing it with the support of our readers.

The best way you can support our efforts is to take a subscription or by making a recurring donation through a Standing Order to our non-profit Foundation.
Thank you.

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