Can you count your millions?

In Monaco, a rich Greek shipping magnate was chatting to a friend, and the latter said: “No doubt, women find you sexy and irresistible.’

‘Yeah, I guess it’s the money that does it,’ he replied.

‘But then if you can count your millions you are not rich.’

Phew! I am talking about the 70s, when an ice-cream cone cost £ 5 in Monte Carlo. Nowadays, it must be about £ 20.

One of the mistresses of the late tycoon once asked him why he always chose women taller than him.

‘Because I am standing on money,’ he said.

Figuratively meaning he was standing on his million wads of the green stuff, which increased the inches that he lacked because of his short stature. Brilliant.

* Published in print edition on 11 April 2014

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