A Samadhi Like No Other

You often hear this statement: “Go to the Samadhi, pay reverence, express your wish… and it is fulfilled.” Renouncing comforts, everyday hundreds of people throng to the Samadhi of Satya Sai Baba at the Poornachandra Hall in Prasanthi Nilayan, Putharpathi and make the experience.

The devotees find a wish fulfilled, a pain alleviated, a guidance obtained – in sum everybody comes in distress or misery and prays or expresses joy and satisfaction. They get the light in their hearts and leave the Samadhi in a better state of mind than when they arrived. I even saw people in tears at the time of departure (a big delegation from Malaysia and Singapore was present there for the Chinese new year). Such is the bond established with the Samadhi / and the Samadhi Man. As you step into the hall, you become oblivious of the world; time stands still and you feel different, as if you are in the presence of the Greatest Soul.

Satya Sai Baba, the Divine personage, the cosmic phenomenon is revered by millions across the world as God Incarnate. He came to this world on 23 November 1926 and left on 24 April 2011. His naswar (destructible) body was placed at the very place from where He used to give darshan (audience/meeting) to throngs of devotees in the Poornachandra Hall in Prasanthi Nilayan. A Samadhi has been erected. During His passage on this earth He helped man recognize the divinity that is inherent in everybody. He professed a religion of truth and love, a religion of heart, of service, sacrifice, renunciation, goodness, kindness and tolerance.

After He left this physical world, not much has changed with the prayer schedules at the Ashram except that instead of the darshan you move to the Samadhi for reverence. People come to commune with their Baba at His Samadhi. They pray. On touching the Samadhi people are delighted with the divine feeling rising in their hearts. They feel blessed, the purpose of their visits accomplished.

A few people (mostly retirees) have even chosen to lead a life of recluse at Prasanthi Nilayan; they feel that they are living with Baba/Swami every hour of their life.

The above narration is based on my personal experience and interactions with devotees at the ashram in February this year.


* Published in print edition on 1  May  2015

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