Michaela McAreavey Murder Case

By Mick Foley

I feel obliged to write through your paper to express my feelings of anger at the publication of pictures of Michaela McAreavey (R IP) in one of the local papers. It has angered the whole nation of Ireland. It has brought the word journalism to a new low…

I would like to remind readers of the tragic accident of Princess Diana in a car crash some years ago in Paris, pictures taken at the scene but not one paper would publish them not even the tabloids.

I feel that that paper should be held responsible for its actions in this matter. Do the people involved not feel that enough hurt has been heaped onto the McAreavey family? I am sure that the ordinary men and women in Mauritius do. I don’t think that the wrong cannot be undone, but I feel that those responsible should be held accountable for their decisions…
The whole McAreavey murder has cast a dark shadow over the Island of Mauritius and given the world a different view of the Island, one which will be hard to change. I would suggest the if newspapers were seen to deal with the matter in a professional and transparent way it would show that maybe Mauritius is about decency, and has morals and values that it’s proud of.

It would be a shame to see the ordinary people suffer as a result of bad press and maybe police work. With economies so fragile worldwide, you must protect your tourism industry and I feel that transparency is the way forward. You don’t need any more bad press. Clean house and move forward, Gods speed.

Mick Foley

* * *

Oh my gosh I can’t believe the media – and legal — treatment that Michaela McAreavey and her family have been given in Mauritius. As an Australian and Irish citizen, I find it horrifying how her family – and her – have been treated. Has your country any kind of decency, morals or laws to protect the innocent? I would never holiday in your country, ever.

I hope the perpetrators/murderers – and the guilty media — in your country learn from their mistakes and repent.

Karen Smith
Australian and Irish Citizen

* Published in print edition on 20 July 2012

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