LGBT or Legitimised Perversion

This is a dangerously slippery slope that gives the wrong signal to the moral probity of our children and generations to follow. Today LGBT, tomorrow Pedophilia and Bestiality?

By Ramesh Beeharry

On 06-Sep-2018, the Indian Supreme Court repealed Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code which had been on the statute books since the British rulers enacted it in 1861. As a consequence homosexuality is now legal in the land of the Ramayana and the Kama Sutra. Well, bully for them!

However like most decent, law-abiding citizens, I hope this does not come to pass over here in Mauritius, although God knows the International Gay Pride seems hell bent in propagating their sick dogma on Mauritian society — aided and abetted by certain elements of the media. Do the latter also have a hidden agenda to turn our Island into a den of inequity, a modern Sodom and Gomorrah?!

Origins. Driven by the San Francisco homosexual community since around the 1960s Hippie era, the movement has been gathering momentum — albeit slowly — to push its agenda to decriminalize homosexuality worldwide. To make it sound innocuous, a change of appellation was necessary. So the word GAY was adopted, but I wonder how gay a homosexual really is. Anyway the movement has now metamorphosed into LGBT: L for lesbian, G for gay (homosexual men), B for bisexual, and T for transgender. All of them entail abnormal, not to say unnatural sexual practices.

There were obviously good reasons for lawmakers of yore to make these unnatural acts illegal in the first place. But does the modern-day process of decriminalization render them any less unnatural?


A lesbian may be described as a homosexual woman. The L-word is derived from the name of the Greek island of Lesbos, the home of the lyrical poetess Sappho who was born and lived there in the 6th-century BC. Perhaps more than anybody else, Sappho is responsible for the origins of lesbianism.

A feminist of her time, Sappho ran her own Thiasos — a kind of finishing school for young ladies. Every Thiasos taught music, singing, dancing and helped metamorphose uncultured urchins into sophisticated young ladies. But Sappho also taught them the art of seduction of men… and women! It is evident from what remains of her poetry (known as the Fragments) that she adored female beauty and did not shy from proclaiming her love for young women.

But why is lesbianism frowned upon by society? First they are forbidden by religious tenet — much of which is based on practicality and common sense — because they are considered to be unnatural. The second reason, I would venture, is that it interferes with the propagation and survival of communities of the human species. It is obvious that a lesbian, preferring women to men, would shun the latter’s advance for mating and deny him the chance of a progeny. Thus the greater the number of this types of women in a community, the lesser its growth. At the extreme end it might even threaten the very survival of the human species!


Before the word was usurped by the homosexual community, the word gay used to mean happy, cheerful, and merry. Now no normal man dares call himself gay anymore, because it has come to mean something entirely different. Male homosexuality is frowned upon for much the same reason as female homosexuality. It adversely affects the propagation of the species and at the same time does away with the possibility of forming healthy family units. It is also more complicated. Unlike lesbianism, homosexuality is a prime vector for HIV/AIDS and other STDs.

Before the PC brigade entered the fray, HIV/AIDS was known as the homosexual disease. It appeared for the first time in 1981 in the USA. By the mid-1980s, homosexual men were dropping dead due to the non-existence of appropriate treatment. Because of what homosexual men were doing to gullible young heterosexual men and fearing a possible backlash, the US Congress decided to de-stigmatise HIV/AIDS as an epidemic to be tackled like any other. In a strategy aimed at de-gaying the disease, it lay stress on its impact on women and their unborn children because, in due course, some women were also catching the disease from bisexual man. But, to borrow a biblical term, the Original Sin emanated from men!

The Facts. The ploy did have a measure of success in de-gaying the disease, but it did not change the stark facts on the ground. As John-Manuel Androite* points out, the empirical fact is that even today 2/3rd of people living with HIV in the USA are homosexual and bisexual men. N’en deplaise the PC brigade, the figure for NZ is whacking 80pc! The explanation is obvious.

1. It is scientifically proven that, because of the different make-up of the respective mucosa of the rectum and the vagina, anal sex is 18-times — yes 18-times! — riskier than vaginal sex when it comes to the transmission of HIV.

2. There are far less homosexual men than normal straight ones. So when picking up a partner for sex, a homosexual has a limited pool of individuals to choose from. Some of these are likely to be HIV-positive and pass on the disease to anyone coming into sexual contact with them.

3. As multiplier effects begin to kick in, the process of cross-infection is thus accelerated manifold.

Global Spread. By the early1990s HIV/AIDS had crossed the Atlantic to gradually cast its deadly shadow over a sexually liberal and — with the advent of the Pill — sexually liberated Europe. With expanding air travel and mass tourism, the rest of the world would be affected gradually also. Today, there can’t be many countries left where the disease is not present. And the fact that many homosexuals are also bisexual and have sex with both sexes has resulted in the disease becoming a human tragedy affecting both men, women and children yet to be born. Worldwide!

In Mauritius where there is scant sex education and talking about sex is the great taboo, many people — particularly the young — do not realize that HIV/AIDS is a deadly disease that is spread through unprotected sexual intercourse. We take costly measures to protect ourselves from swine/bird flu and dengue/chikungunia fever. On the other hand, we pander to the LGBT crowd, thus abandoning our duty as a society to protect ourselves and in particular our youth from the scourge of the HIV/AIDS virus.

Let those who wish to indulge in unnatural sexual practices do so behind their closed doors. No sweat! But for heavens sake let’s not condone it by legislation which can only lead to further spread of these practices and their ghastly effects. This is by no means any religious moral preaching, for I am not a man of cloth. It is simply a matter of deep concern for public health.


First it must be remembered that HIV/AIDS is avoidable. It is also incurable. Any treatment is therefore only palliative. Apart from the social cost in terms of loss productivity due to illness, any addition to existing cases pauses a serious drain on a poorly funded, therefore hugely strained NHS, which has not seen any increase in its budget for at least 10-years. The money spent on costly HIV/AIDS treatment could be better spent in treating children suffering from curable diseases through no fault of their own.

Worldwide LGBT figures are notoriously — but understandingly — difficult to obtain. Nevertheless an inference may be drawn from figures that are available. Gallup reported in 2015 that 3.8pc of Americans identify with LGBT while Dallia found in 2016 that 5.9pc of Europeans are LGBT. It is thought that worldwide 5pc of adults indulge in sex with children, which is about the same percentage as LGBTs. On the other hand an astounding18 percent have sex with animals. What would we do tomorrow when (because it’s only a matter of time, isn’t it?) pedophiles and bestiality buffs start asking for their rights to indulge in their perverse practices?

The answer is an unequivocal No, No, No! Instead of encouraging LGBT by changing laws or lowering its moral tone, it behoves society to do everything to discourage perverse behaviour. However faced with decades of incessant pressure, many jurisdictions are capitulating and changing good, centuries old laws. It has come to something when even churches are condoning LGBT, some going the whole hog by sanctifying same sex marriage. One wonders if they understand the meaning of marriage. However there is no doubt that this is a dangerously slippery slope that gives the wrong signal to the moral probity of our children and generations to follow. Today LGBT, tomorrow Pedophilia and Bestiality?

* Published in print edition on 1 November 2018

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