The Gift of Mobility

Letters to the Editor

Reference the article by TP Saran, published in your esteemed paper of 5th -11th June 2015 under the title ‘Celebrating Ability and the Gift of Mobility’. I wish to congratulate Prof Armoogum Parsuramen, President of Global Rainbow Foundation for his very laudable and humanitarian project.

Allow me also to inform the population that the National Trust Fund for Community Health (NTFCH) working under the aegis of the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life (MOH) organized in April/May 2000 the first camp in collaboration with the Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS) to provide prosthesis to leg amputees patients free of charge.

Four technicians from BMVSS (Bombay) came to Mauritius and conducted a workshop at Caudan, Port Louis. 125 prostheses were prepared and fitted to these patients. The Ministry of Health financed the project and provided all possible support to implement the camp successfully. Four Motivators from the NTFCH working under the supervision of Dr Indradeo Chunnoo, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Executive Director of the Fund, prepared a list of leg amputees throughout the Island.

The MOH provided free transport from their residence to Caudan and back twice – a first time to take measurements and a second time for the fitting of the prostheses. I am pleased to inform you that Air Mauritius gave four free return air tickets to the four technicians. Moreover the technicians brought all equipments and materials. After the camp, the remaining materials and equipments were donated to the Ministry through the Fund.

One of the patients who received the prosthesis and I were invited to the MBC to participate in the ‘Entre Nous’ programme.

H. Bessoondyal


Ex-President of NTFCH

* * *

‘Hamara Apne’

I am sure most of my generation, that is old-age pensioners, will join me to kindly request the Director General of the MBC-TV to consider bringing back that ‘Hamare Apne’ radio programme, which is broadcast on Saturday afternoons from 5 pm to 6 pm, to its original format.

The D.G. would be surely aware that the faithful fans of this radio programme, which is ably and gracefully anchored by Mrs Kamla Mohadeb, could earlier phone in at the MBC studio, and their requests and other messages would be equally broadcast together with the songs. One could thus get the rare opportunity to listen to one’s or a friend’s voice on the airwaves. Alas, this has been curtailed, and it’s only the songs and the voice of the ‘animatrice’ that are broadcast.

There is no harm in listening to one’s own voice once in a while, isn’t it? After all, it can only be pleasant since it’s ‘hamare apne’!

Vidianand Bheekary


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