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Sodomy: a non-biogenetic but pathogenic act

Most people have so far approached the question of homosexuality from the religious angle, mostly to attack religions and to put the latter on the defensive. For my part, I wish to use the biological-medico-social angle.

Humankind exists in two forms (comparable to the hardcover and paperback ones of a given textbook), namely the male and the female and they are usually mutually attractive and complementary.

Without going into its origin, sexuality, when a male and a female mate, results in the production of the permutations and combinations of the partners’ genes of unique individuals (barring twins) and simultaneously pleasure and self-fulfilment.

Sodomy is an unnatural act. I have never seen animals that many of us humans regard as inferior beings indulge in anal sex. Biologically it leads to a deadlock:

1 woman + 1 man mating may produce a child;
1 woman + 1 woman together: no child possible;
1 man and 1 man: no amount of anal sex could ever produce a child. Such practice, if generalised will put humanity in dire straits.

Anal sex, it is obvious or should be, is attended by many kinds of diseases: ggonorrhea, syphilis, urinary infection, prostatitis and last but not least AIDS.

It may turn out that an individual may have aggressive tendencies, another kleptomaniac, another pyromania or homosexual ones. Society has to control everyone. Just as the aggressive one should not be allowed to approach others or the kleptomaniac to shoplift, those with homosexual impulses should not indulge in sodomy even if the partner agrees to it. Not so long ago, in Germany (if my memory holds) when an individual reportedly consented to his partner killing and then cannibalizing him, the cannibal was prosecuted.

In some countries where “marriage” between two persons of the same sex is allowed, such couples sometimes turn to asking for the right of adopting a child or children. In my opinion, such children are very likely to be confused, disoriented or perturbed as to whom to call “mum” or “dad”, or even as to their own sexual identity. Equal or more than equal opportunity of such children having split minds: in Greek, schizo = divided, split; phren = mind, hence schizophrenia?

Dr Francois Saw Lan Ip

* * *

The Rod That Shaped My Life

When I was a child, my father always used the rod with his children. He did so in order to make us conscious of the fact that we have to behave properly: to be obedient, polite, not to utter harsh words, and to refrain from other bad habits. Whenever we went astray in our action, he directed our attention to the rod (rotin bazaar) which was hanging on the wall. He wanted all his children to cultivate good manners, to acquire good education and to behave properly in society. He always inculcated in us the values enshrined in our religious books.

I remember once I told him that my teacher gave me a good thrashing for having failed to do my homework. I thought he would immediately go to the school and reproach the teacher for the punishment meted out to me. Instead, he punished me more by using the rod. Furthermore he told me that the teacher was absolutely right in taking such drastic action against me. My father reminded me that the teacher should be respected for whatever action he is taking to ensure our success. He also drew my attention to what our scriptures say about our teacher: Our mother comes first, then our father, our teacher, and then God. If you do not love the first three, how can you expect to love God.
So, I grew up with these principles. I have tried as far as possible to be friendly with people, to help those in need and to work for the benefit of one and all. I have always respected my teachers at primary and secondary schools and even at universities.
During the exercise of my duties in the Prevention Division of the Ministry of Health, I remember once my boss (a doctor, the Regional Public Health Superintendent), whilst introducing me to my forthcoming new boss, told the latter as follows: “This gentleman (referring to me) is one of the most competent and efficient officers of the Ministry of Health.” I was really overwhelmed with pride and joy at these laudable remarks. I said to myself that at least there is somebody who sincerely recognises the efforts I have deployed in carrying out my duties. While working I have always attempted to do more than what is required. After all Work is Worship.
So, I am proud to say that for all I have acquired in life, I am very thankful to my father and , of course, to the rod. If he has not used the rod, perhaps I could have been a spoilt person.

Meghanaden Naghen

* Published in print edition on 15 July 2011

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