Leckram Gunassaya

The Sai Organisation mourns today Thursday 12 April 2012, the passing away of one of its most staunch lieutenants, a highly intellectual person, a devotee of great calibre, and a good human being: Leckram Gunassaya. Faithful readers of Mauritius Times surely remember the hundred and one articles he contributed to the paper time and again for the upliftment of the human race, specially the Mauritian society. 

Almost all his writings showed great devotion to God, great dedication to the cause of educating the masses. We must remember that he was first of all a teacher, a headteacher and finally an inspector of schools, where everybody appreciated his sense of responsibility and belonging to the world of education. I remember once I attended his book launch on the premises of the Royal College of Curepipe, as he wanted to inspire the young boys over there. As a good teacher he believed in “teaching a person how to fish, rather than giving the person a fish to eat everyday.” 

Brother or Chacha Gunassaya, as Sai devotees called him, worked relentlessly for the Sai Organisation. Commenting on the innumerable personality or ego crises most religious or spiritual institutions unfortunately go through, he told me: “The time has come when one should not see if the others are doing their duty or not. There is time only to carry on the work given to you and that too with maximum perfection. Do not waste time, for there is much to do and time is less.” 

Brother Gunassaya was full of bright ideas about celebrating Satya Sai Baba’s Samadhi day on the 24 April, but fate brought him at the feet of Baba himself some days earlier. I hope and wish that all Sai centres and groups do pay homage to this great devotee on Samadhi day. 

Both Shirdi and Satya Sai say that whoever comes to a Sai Mandir and prays to him on a Thursday is blessed for life. Brother Gunnassaya’s cremation on a Thursday amidst throngs of Sai devotees is not a mere coincidence. I will end here with the words of Sai Baba: Those who walk with God always reach their destination. 


Editor: The Mauritius Times joins Mrs Aujayeb to express its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of late Leckram Gunassaya. 

Farewell to a Sai Brother

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