Labour Party’s Annual Congress


The Labour Party (LP) is holding its annual congress on Sunday 28th August – this at a time of considerable uncertainty in the midst of the larger opposition about what will be required in terms of political alliance to take on the MSM-led dispensation. What was thought was going to lay the foundation of an electoral alliance for the next general elections, following the agreement reached between the leaders of the LP, MMM and the PMSD in view of the forthcoming municipal elections, if at all they are held (which is quite unlikely though), has quickly dissolved within a week, and everybody seems now suspended to what would emerge from the LP’s congress in terms of its future electoral orientation.

If the political options available to the MSM itself for the next elections appear rather constrained, it is therefore quite likely that it would work towards a repeat of what enabled it to win the 2019 elections (the integrity of which has been challenged in court, unsuccessfully though to date), that is a three-cornered fight. Moreover, having won that triangular contest by virtue of 37% of voters, it is vital to its future to retain at least that core basis, mostly from the rural constituencies. And here, as elsewhere in the urban areas, it’s a recognised reality that only the LP can offer a convincing challenge to the Jugnauth party and lead whatever alliance is on the cards. It is not a surprise in the current context that some of the smaller or newly-founded parties start punching above their weight and would even want to set the agenda for the opposition platform. We have seen nothing so far substantiating the earnest proposals of some for the L’Entente de l’Espoir to lead any future opposition alliance or even for the formation eventually in case of electoral victory of a ‘front unitaire’ of opposition parties of a transitional government. Neither proposals carry much conviction and promise – only another rout at future electoral hustings. Read More… Become a Subscriber

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